Cervelli homers twice in 7-7 tie with Tigers

Francisco Cervelli 2

Hiroki Kuroda struggled for the Yankees but Francisco Cervelli showed some power as the Yankees ended up in a tie with the Detroit Tigers with the score of 7-7 at George M Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

Kuroda went 3.2 IP, giving up six runs on 10 hits in easily his worst start of the Spring. 10 of the 18 batters he faced reached base and some of hits outs were made on the base-paths. He gave up two more runs in the fourth inning before he was lifted from the game.

Cervelli  continues to have a phenomenal spring as he hit two home runs today; one off Anibal Sanchez in the third inning and one off Evan Reed in the fifth inning.

The Yankees scored three runs in the eighth inning off Tigers left-hander Ian Krol. Zoilo Almonte hit a two run home run to tie the game at seven in the bottom of the ninth.

The Yankees played a scoreless 10th inning before calling off the game.

What’s Next?

— The Yankees will play a split squad series tomorrow and both games will be on MLB.TV. Some Yankees will head to Clearwater and face the Philadelphia Phillies where Ivan Nova will take the mound. Meanwhile, some Yankees will stay at GMS Field where where they’ll face the Orioles. Michael Pineda will take the mound during the home game. Both games are slated to begin at 1:05 p.m and the Yankees/Orioles contest will be on the YES Network.

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10 Responses to Cervelli homers twice in 7-7 tie with Tigers

  1. Michael R says:

    Cervelli is hot and NOW is the time to shop him for an everyday inf. or another pitcher.Cervelli is not the future, Sanchez is.

  2. Michael R says:

    Me again. An additional thought. Deal Suzuki, get what you can, and keep Almonte as the extra outfielder.

  3. Robert R says:

    I'll never forgive the Yankees if they trade Cervelli. He's been patient, toiled in the background too long. McCann will get hurt or be a flop, and they'll wish they had him back. They should teach him how to play 3rd if they have to—he certainly has the arm—or 1st, in case Tex doesn't get back into form.

    • Cervelli has hit .271/.343/.367 in 6 years of his career (and we have no idea how long he was using steroids). That's a decent on base clip, but almost no power whatsoever. He's a poor defensive catcher so best case scenario is that he's Brandon Inge without the defense if he moved to 3rd. Considering Inge's biggest asset was his defense, this is not the type of guy to never forgive the Yankees over trading. Michael R has it right, if teams are interested in him then now is the time to be trading this guy. Between JR Murphy and Austin Romine the Yankees have 2 quality replacements and that's before Gary Sanchez reaches the majors.

      At this point there is almost no reason not to trade Cervelli except for misplaced perception.

  4. olie says:

    Austin Romine hit 207 last year and I am not sure how much MLB experience young Murphy has had but I wouldn't refer to them as quality replacements. Misplaced perception or not I would keep Cervelli around until Sanchez is ready!

    • Again, Cervelli has hit .271/.343/.367 in his career (and he might have been on steroids that entire time). We're not talking about Derek Jeter here. We're talking about a weak hitting and poor defensive catcher.

      Romine is a more than capable replacement. He struggled when he was promoted, but he got comfortable and hit .260/.329/.384 over the final 3 months of the season. That's not much worse than Cervelli (slightly less on base skills and slightly more power). Considering Romine is likely to improve even more in his second year, I think we can call it a wash.

      Murphy hit .269/.347/.426 in mostly AAA last season. He's nearly ready for the majors. Even if you trade Cervelli and Romine gets hurt or regresses than they can call up Murphy, who has more potential than either of the other 2.

      We're talking about the backup catcher here. The Yankees have 3 options for that minimally important position. Meanwhile, the starting 3rd baseman has played all of 16 games at 3rd base and Brian Roberts hasn't even played 80 games since 2009. If the Yankees can use one of their 3 backup catchers to improve two starting positions that they are deficient in then they should absolutely, 100% do it. This shouldn't even be much of a debate.

  5. olie says:

    Actually Rob, this is a good debate. I will give you Romine is a good defensive catcher but he has back issues that flare up from time to time and catching is hard on the back. As you said we are talking about back-up catchers that play a minimally important position and that is true until your starter gets hurt. Cervelli is only 2 years older than Romine so he should still have time improve. Also he is having a strong camp! I would keep him!You may be correct and yanks trade him but I can't see getting a starting position player for him. Your Turn!

    • Ha. I doubt the Yankees could get a starting 3rd baseman or 2nd baseman for Kelly. Maybe Cervelli and Phelps or, if the Yankees are especially lucky, Cervelli, Ichiro, and cash for somebody. It may be likely that teams prefer JR Murphy to Cervelli though. Or even Romine. I know that I would rather have 5 more years of Romine, or 6 years of Murphy, then 3 of Cervelli.

  6. olie says:

    Don't think there would be to much interest in Romine but that shouldn't be the reason you trade Cervelli ? How far away is Sanchez? Also I wouldn't trade Murphy either, he could end up better that Sanchez but that is years away! We will have to wait and see what Cashman thinks! I say they keep Cervelli!

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