Francisco Cervelli’s trade value is low

New York Yankees' Francisco Cervelli

You would think having a .500 batting average with four home runs this would have everyone calling the Yankees and expressing their interest in acquiring you, wouldn’t it? Well, despite Francisco Cervelli‘s strong Spring, it doesn’t seem his trade value would be high enough for the Yankees to get a legitimate piece for their roster.

“At his bandwidth, I don’t think you will get a lot,” an NL GM told ESPN New York. “Most people think of him as a backup catcher.”

Nick Franklin and Didi Gregorious were a few names that were tossed around for the Yankees to possibly acquire in order to help their infield, which consists of Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter. But if Cervelli won’t bring them in alone, could the Yankees consider adding him to a package deal?

Joel Sherman of the New York Post suggested the Yankees trade Cervelli and David Phelps to get infield help with the notion if Michael Pineda is ready to enter the rotation, Phelps could be expendable.

So one question the Yankees are contemplating is: How much do they trust Michael Pineda? Because if they feel Pineda is good to go in the fifth-starter slot, they would be more willing to use David Phelps as part of a deal, which would be tough for them because Phelps provides good rotation support plus potential help in the bullpen. Both the Diamondbacks (who lost Opening Day starter Patrick Corbin for the season with a torn elbow ligament) and the Mariners (who will be without Hisashi Iwakuma and Taijuan Walker to open the season) want to add starters who can help now.

With all honesty, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the Yankees were unable to trade Francisco Cervelli or if they kept David Phelps. Phelps could possibly be used to help bridge the gap in the Yankees bullpen leading to closer David Robertson and Cervelli has proved more than enough to the Yankees that he’s capable of the backup catching position. Furthermore, Cervelli has shown he’s just as capable with the bat as he is with the catchers glove, which is the perfect combination for the Yankees at this point.

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22 Responses to Francisco Cervelli’s trade value is low

  1. This isn't a shot at Delia, we went through something similar last season with Eduardo Nunez where, for some reason, people over inflate his value, but this is really dumb. A catcher that has hit .271/.343/.367 and is bad defensively is not going to have much trade value. People's perception of him is way off. My guess is that even if the Yankees don't trade him, there is only a tiny chance he is on the team in 2015 just like there is a tiny chance that Nunez makes the 2014 team.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      You're absolutely right. My take is the fans believed Cervelli's trade value would go up because of his great Spring and that would be when GM's were to strike. However, it's not as high as it seems since everyone still considers him a backup. I think the crazy and ludicrous idea is trading away David Phelps as Joel Sherman suggested because Phelps can help you in so many ways in the pen. I know I kind of reported the obvious, but fans were speaking highly of Cervelli as if his trade value would go through the roof because of this Spring and this was kind of bringing it back to reality.

      • mikefoxtrot says:

        Phelps does indeed have value, but it's not at all crazy to trade him if they get a starting-calibre middle infielder in return for Phelps and Cervelli.

        they need the middle infield help more than they need their seventh-best starting pitcher.

    • Arkius says:

      People's perception of Cervelli is accurate, i.e., he's a good defensive catcher, a good clutch hitter and his power is starting to come around. It's your perception of Cervelli's skill set that is questionable.

    • I agree that Cervelli's trade value should not be inflated. On the other hand the guy has been consistently good since the beginning of last season. It's definitely a small sample size but if he can do what he started to do with the bat last year, he is absolutely a starting caliber catcher in the league. That's obviously a big if, but I wouldn't write a guy like him off.

  2. pisano says:

    Joel Sherman's an idiot, you don't trade Phelps, unless you get a lot for him. Phelps is on his way to being a solid ML pitcher, that will eat innings. Nick Franklin, a .225 Ba, that can't field, let Seattle hose some other team for this nobody.

    • Isla says:

      See David Phelps stats, he do not eat a lot of innings in accordance to his stats:
      Year 2012 Games 33 IP 99.2
      Year 2013 Games 22 IP 86.2
      Totals Games 55 IP 186.1
      Average per Game: 3.4
      But he could be a good long relief pitcher, I hope he could help a good season this year. Agree no trade yet

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    No point in trading Cervelli now, wait until Summer when some team is desperate and maybe Murphy or Romine can catch once a week by then.

  4. Michael R says:

    Assuming Pineda secures the 5th spot I sure wouldn't consider bartering with Phelps. Someone at sometime wjll go on the DL and he'll be needed big time.

    • Here's why I disagree. Phelps is not the only potential 5th starter the Yankees have. They also have Nuno and Warren. Going 7 deep with solid options is a pretty deep rotation, and right now they go 8 deep.

  5. Isla says:

    Romine and JR Murphy are mediocre catchers and poor hitters. Trade either one fast before Sanchez it's ready. Add Nuñez in the trade and Ichiro.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      J.R. Murphy hasn't hit his 23rd birthday yet, and you are judging his hitting based on 26 MLB at bats? Really?

      • Isla says:

        Mike Trout it's 23 years old, your theory it's not always acceptable, Murphy it's a third class player, trade him now.

        • Mike Sommer says:

          You may have forgotten that Mickey Mantle was sent down in the summer of 1951 or that Sandy Koufax, at age 25 in the spring of 1961, had a record of 36-40. Can you show a LITTLE patience? By your logic, the Yanks should have traded Mariano Rivera when he hit his 26th birthday on 11/29/95. After all, at that point of his career, Mo had 10 starts and 9 relief appearances, and was 5-3, 5.51. Sheesh.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I would like to see Phelps start as the 5th man and Pineda in the pen, if only to protect Pineda's arm and the guy's young, he could start next year in Kuroda's spot. If the Yank's could get back their sandwich draft pick for Cervilli, I'd be tempted. Otherwise, if Cervilli can hit 270 / 340 oba off the bench that's valuable too and again this year the bench appears thin.

  7. olie says:

    Can't trade Cervelli? He is a proven catcher that can hit abit.If he is traded and the starting catcher gets hurt who is going to catch Romine a guy who with a bad back that can't hit his weight. There is nothing wrong with having depth behind the plate!

  8. Rrbrgndy7 says:

    I definitely agree with Ollie. Cervy is primed to have an excellent season both defensively and offensively. McCann needs his rest; Francisco gives them a nice righty-lefty tandem, and he could even pinch hit on occasion. See how the infield, bullpen, and sixth and seventh starter situations play out. It's not as if the Steinbrenners can't aquire some pricey stars from failing teams later in the season as the situation arises.

  9. Tomorrow is the deadline for Article XXB Free Agents. I'd love to see an alternative better than Johnson (a hack at 3rd base)/Nunez/Sizemore–(clearly not healthy & may never be),/Anna/Solarte and Brendon Ryan who is damaged goods and Colorado damn well knew it.

    Value is relative and Cervelli's is not going to be higher than right now. Plus he is acting far less like a goofball this spring. Maybe the Biogenesis situation/suspension have made him more mature in a roundabout way.

    Gordon Beckham is a flawed player but put him on the Yankees as currently constructed and he is your everyday 3rd baseman (again K,Johnson will cost the Yankees 5-7 games with his abysmal defense at a new position for him). So here on Article XX(B) Free Agent eve, if the Yanks can do Cervelli for Beckham I'd do it in a heartbeat but WOULD NOT include Phelps.

    • olie says:

      Dave, I agree with you about not trading Phelps, You can't have enough pitching and he seem to get better each year. However I think trading Cervelli would be a big mistake since it appears that the young catchers are not yet ready. Also I don't see how Beckham is much of a upgrade over Johnson at 3rd. He like Johnson came to the majors as a 2nd basemen. Both Average hitters although Johnson has more power and hits left unlike Beckam! Let us see!

    • Sorry, regarding Ryan's chronic back problems I meant Seattle not Colorado.

  10. Hey Olie-
    Beckham's rookie year (and his best year) he played over 100 games at 3rd. He was an average 3rd baseman whereas I consider KJ somewhat of a nightmare defensively. The thing about Beckham that scares me is that he battled injuries last year, and after a pretty good spring this year he, yesterday, strained his oblique and may have to start the year on the DL. Well the left hand hitting version of Eduardo Nunez: Juan Francisco was just let go by the Brewers (beaten out by Mark Reynolds). jk about signing Juan Francisco but you are right, the roster trimming the next few days could get interesting.

  11. olie says:

    Thanks Dave you are right about Beckham's rookie year when he did play 3rd. But that was 2009 and he hasn't played 3rd since.!

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