Girardi unveils some of his Panama roster

Joe girardi 3

Manager Joe Girardi has been mostly hush-hush when it came to announcing his roster go to Panama in order to play two games honoring Mariano Rivera. Today he revealed some of the players that will help honor Mariano. The following players are:

Derek Jeter
Brett Gardner
CC Sabathia
Adam Warren
Brian McCann
Carlos Beltran
David Robertson
Alfonso Soriano

I imagine the Yankees would bring more players to Panama, but these are the players that will certainly be there (if they can stay healthy between now and March 15).

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One Response to Girardi unveils some of his Panama roster

  1. tom says:

    Not surprised that Yankees will bring big names to Panama because it is good for public relation. They won't be on the field for long period. Few players that compete for 25 man spot won't go to Panama.

    My big condolence to Yogi Berra and his family.

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