Jeter: Panama visit an “experience I’ll never forget”.

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The players that went to Panama have the complete day off today, with them coming back to George M. Steinbrenner Field tomorrow. The trip had been successful with the Yankees being able to honor Mariano Rivera in his home country, and the trip meant a lot to Rivera’s close friend Derek Jeter, who was honored to take part in such an event for the former Yankees closer.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to come and got a chance to honor Mariano here in his home country,” Jeter said yesterday. “It’s an experience that I’ll forever remember. … When you’re around someone for that long, they don’t necessarily have to tell you things. I could tell it meant a lot to him. No one deserves it more than him.”

So with the Yankees finally home after what was a special trip for Rivera, they now have to focus on the rest of Spring Training. Question is, will they play today? It’s cloudy in Florida and the weather forecast predicts rain. The Yankees will try to get the game in, but it seems like an unlikely day where there will be a game. Then again, I questioned it the last time it rained and they played, so I’m not the best person when it comes to making predictions.

Some Notes

Jacoby Ellsbury took indoor batting practice today after complaining of a tight calf, but Joe Girardi doesn’t believe he’ll play tomorrow when the Red Sox come to Tampa.

“My guess is it will be no, but we’ll see,” Girardi said.

Speaking of the Red Sox/Yankees game, it will be on ESPN and the YES Network, so you can take your pick of either channel.

Brendan Ryan will take full BP if the weather allows it. He sounds as if he’s ready to get into a game very soon.

— Joe Girardi wouldn’t say when Masahiro Tanaka‘s next start will be, but it could be on Saturday since CC Sabathia is slated to go on Friday. Girardi said he saw some of Tanaka’s start on his computer yesterday and he was impressed.

Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren aren’t listed as starting pitchers this week, so it’s safe to assume they’re not going to make another start for the duration of Spring Training. It doesn’t mean they’re going to Triple-A, but they might not be in the mix for the fifth starter competition at this point.


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2 Responses to Jeter: Panama visit an “experience I’ll never forget”.

  1. cooolbreeez says:

    I thinks it's pretty cool and says a lot about the Yankee organization that are continuing to pay respect and honor MR even after his final season and farewell tour ended. Props to Steinbrenners and Cash for making it happen and staying classy.

  2. Sayann says:


    Sometimes when i hear reports of the Arod drama, and all the accusations, i wonder about the organisation, but when i think about it, yeah they probably did some grey things over the years, as many (if not almost all) other organisations.. And in the end, i kind of remember way more Classy stuff about the Yankees than negative comments.

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