Nova takes the ball as Yankees face Braves


Ivan Nova has had an up and down Spring Training; it’s been an uphill ride because he has 16 strikeouts and two walks, but it’s been a downhill slide since he has a 5.40 ERA and has allowed 19 hits this Spring, the most out of any starting pitcher in camp. However, Joe Girardi sees things a bit differently when it comes to Ivan Nova.

I’ve seen a guy that’s come into spring training that, it seems like he realizes how good he can be,” Girardi said. “And I think that’s important. I think for all young players, there’s that doubt always a little bit, can I do this on a consistent basis? Can I do it start after start, or game after game if you’re a position player? Do I need to look over my starter? Is there someone always doubting what I can do? I think he’s realized that, you know what, I can be pretty good. He came back last year and was really good, and I think that was kind of the eye-opener for him.”

Ivan Nova has had flashes of brilliance this spring; he’s able to adjust when he’s in trouble to and he seems to have more confidence in his pitches. Nova will have to prove it once again when he faces the Atlanta Braves this afternoon but there’s just a matter of questioning whether Nova can continue his bouts of self-confidence as the Spring and the season goes on.

Some Notes

Jacoby Ellsbury went through workouts this morning but he’s still not going to play tomorrow or Friday. As a matter of fact, Ellsbury hasn’t run since feeling tightness in his calf, which probably isn’t a good sign.

Kelly Johnson will be the back up first basemen, which means the Yankees are scrapping the idea of Alfonso Soriano playing first base in case of an emergency.

Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren won’t get another start this Spring and instead will come out of the bullpen. Nuno will relieve David Phelps on Thursday and Adam Warren will relieve CC Sabathia on Friday. It doesn’t mean the Yankees are no longer considering them for the fifth starter role. “We’re just running out of games,” Girardi said.

— During yesterday’s delay of game due to the horde of bees in the outfield, Mark Teixeira brought out two bottles of honey, showing them to the grounds crew with a plan formulating. What was going through Teixeira’s mind that caused him to bring out honey?

“I’m a big peanut butter and honey guy, love it, so I always know where the honey is,” Teixeira said. “What I thought was if you could just do a line of honey out to the parking lot, the bees would maybe follow it and leave us alone.”

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4 Responses to Nova takes the ball as Yankees face Braves

  1. Robert Rufa says:

    Based on his performance in spring training thus far, it's Pineda who should have a lock on a spot in the rotation. Nova and Phelps should be vying for the remaining one.

  2. FSB says:

    Uhm, Pineda has thrown just 12 innings total since 2012. Yeah so let's make Pineda the 5th starter and have him pitch 150 innings so he can permanently blow out his arm (hint: this is sarcasm).

    The 5th spot should go to Phelps or Warren with Vival Nuno in the bullpen. Nuno has the potential to be a good 5th starter himself and he is a lefty. Nuno can be next year's 5th starter on the Yankees when Kiroda retires.

  3. Ronald Wynn says:

    So if a pitcher is injured he should not be able to win the job. We have seen countless players return from injury to be good again. Finally Pineda has a huge upside

  4. FSB says:

    I'm not saying Pineda can't be a starter but shoulder injuries are tough to recuperate from and he hasn't pitched extensively in two years. I would be cautious and have Pineda go to extended Spring Training and have him start a couple of months in the minors. If he DOMINATES with a 2.00 ERA or less, then I would make Pineda the 5th starter. C'mon the hitters that Pineda has faced in Spring Training were mostly minor leaguers.

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