Russell Martin: McCann signing an “expensive mistake”


Once upon a time, Russell Martin was the catcher for the New York Yankees until one off-season, he simply wasn’t re-signed. The Yankees had a unique catching situation until they signed Brian McCann last season to a five-year, $85 Million deal. They fixed their catching position and all ended well, right? Well, Russell Martin believes the catching situation for the Yankees could have been avoided.

“It becomes an expensive mistake, no question,” Martin told The Post before the Pirates-Yankees game at McKechnie Field was canceled by rain on Monday. “They can’t turn back the clock. They went and got a good guy who, offensively, puts up better numbers than I have and so costs a lot of money. I love McCann. They got a good one.”

While Martin doesn’t dwell on his time with the Yankees, he still wonders what could have been if the Yankees had kept him.

“Personally, I thought it was a mistake,” Martin said. “There are no hard feelings. I definitely didn’t feel like it was in the general manager’s hands at that point. I always believed [Brian] Cashman and [assistant GM Billy] Eppler and the coaching staff did want me back. I had some presence and a good impact on the team. But the money doesn’t come from them and I felt at the time, they had different priorities and I wasn’t at the top of the list.”

Martin admits the Yankees did fix some of their positions, yet still believed the Yankees paid the price for not having a catcher last season.

“I think the smart move is not to repeat a mistake,” Martin said. “I think they paid the price for not acquiring an everyday catcher — or keeping one — and they went and got a good one this year.”

Very subtle, Mousier Martin. Very subtle indeed.


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13 Responses to Russell Martin: McCann signing an “expensive mistake”

  1. Anthony says:

    Get a grip Russell. How could the Yankees
    keep you when you struggled to hit over .200?
    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  2. SORRY—–but this is a sensationalism-out due to rain.
    Martin was willing to sign for one year $10million or 3 for $27million. Just about everyone knew the Yanks had Brian McCann on their radar for 2014 and moving forward..

    Martin hit exceptionally well for the Yanks in the later part of 2012. If Martin was the Yankee backstop last year they may have been able to sneak into the 2nd Wild Card, Chris Stewart is and was inept.

    Now everyone, presumably is happy. This is a non-story.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      He hit .211 overall in 2012. Plus his Postseason average was .176 and .143 in 2012. He also hit .226 with the Pirates. I think the Yankees would have been better with Francisco Cervelli if Cervelli had stayed healthy and not had gotten into trouble.

      He didn't need to make those comments above, but he did. That's why it's a story. Because of the comments he made. it'd be a non-story if he never said anything about McCann or the Yankees and had chosen his words a little better.

  3. The Editor says:

    Definitely sour grapes from a .200 hitteri.

  4. olie says:

    What did Martin say that was wrong. They were a bad team last team, partly due to the fact that they lacked a decent catcher. I don't think they are sour grapes he just answered a reporters question!

  5. mikefoxtrot says:

    Martin is not correct. the Yankees simply decided after two years that Martin wasn't worth signing to a new multi-year contract…… and that was not a mistake.

    it was a correct assessment.

  6. EddieP says:

    The Yanks offered Martin a three year deal for 21 million and Martin turned it down. So they pulled the offer and let him walk. Somehow Martin "forgot" to mention that.

  7. Mike says:

    i love Martin but i think he should stop worrying about what the Yankees are paying Mccann and worry more about leading his questionable starting staff

  8. cooolbreeez says:

    FYI, It's "Monsier", not "mousier".

    Tres bien,

  9. I agree with Russell Martin. They could have kept him on the cheap. He said that he was willing to sign for a one-year deal to stay here, but the Yankees were in money-saving mode at the time and didn't even want to spend $8 million on him. It bit them in the ass big time and then they were compelled to spend big dollars on a catcher coming off of shoulder surgery (which was the downfall of Jorge Posada's career).

    It wasn't the Yankees long-term plan to sign McCann either. They could have had Martin on a one-year deal last season and let him walk this past offseason and still had McCann. The simple fact is that the Yankees tried to penny pinch and it backfired on them.

  10. Yankees fan says:

    Rusell stop whining McCann is a much better hitter and he is good behind the plate not as good as Russel but his offence makes him better than Russell.

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