Scott Boras loses grievance claim against Carlos Beltran

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Scott Boras lost a $1.3 Million grievance claim against Yankees right fielder Carlos Beltran this week, ending a lengthy legal battle which began back in 2011.

Beltran left Boras’s agency in October of 2011, which was four months before his contract was slated to expire, and signed with the St. Louis Cardinals for a two-year, $23 Million deal the same year. Boras wanted 5% of Beltran’s contract with St. Louis, stating there was a payment requirement in the agreement if Beltran left Boras before the contract expired. Arbitrator Shyman Das ruled in favor of Beltran, citing Boras’s demands were “unenforceable”.

“I felt like I had to win,” Beltran said to the media, “because he was basically suing me because I left him and he was trying to collect money without having done anything for me.

“It’s not the money. It’s the intention. Scott Boras had to do something that wasn’t right. If I haven’t done anything for you, haven’t negotiated your contract, how could I sue you and try to collect money because you left me and because you hired another agent? That didn’t make any sense to me.”

Das ruled since Beltran fired Boras before the contract ended, it terminated the agreement.

This case is about what is or is not permissible under governing MLBPA regulations …” Das wrote. “The MLBPA, as the exclusive collecting bargaining representative, gets to decide what is in the best interests of the players it represents.”


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    Scott Boras you over baby.

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    Sorry Bore Azz, no free money for you.

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