Source: Many teams interested in Francisco Cervelli


The Yankees have a surplus of catchers in their farm system, but with the signing of Brian McCann as their everyday catcher, it seems to have made Francisco Cervelli expendable as he’s now become a trade target.

According to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish, Cervelli is gaining tons of interest from multiple teams, including the Chicago White Sox. Cotillo tweets the White Sox were among multiple ball clubs to scout Cervelli during Spring Training.

Cervelli has a lifetime .271 batting average with 8 home runs and 72 RBI’s in six years with the Yankees. He had an opportunity to be the Yankees everyday catcher in 2013, but was injured in the beginning of the season and then hit with a 50 game suspension for his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal. He’s currently (if not traded) in a competition to win the Yankees back-up catching position.

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14 Responses to Source: Many teams interested in Francisco Cervelli

  1. chiggie says:

    I say keep him if they don't get a quality player in return. Decent back up catchers are hard to find. Í

  2. Ang says:

    Any time there is a positive spin to the Yankees lineup they feel the need to TRADE and down the road a bit toss money to get back what they had
    I come from the Bronx 80% of my life, now Florida, however, as any TRUE Yankee fan regurgitate at the sound of the Tampa Bay Rays. However, on the other hand, the Rays can teach most teams how to be successful from within KEEP the GOOD players the farm system produces instead of running with your head between your legs as now what u had, traded (usually for nothing half as good) and now LETS GET ANYONE to FILL THE HOLES from those excellent players that had to BE TRADED
    Lets have a Yankee team "George" would be proud of!!!

    Keep him!!!! Just a couple of months ago I thought the Yankees should be running through the streets of the Bronx looking for anyone who could HOLD a bat, much less actually hit a ball, MEMORY, the "awful 2013" and all the colorful
    "Golden oldies" who came with it should be first and foremost in your mind. For once "let another team be jealous" of the Yankees and how deep, skillful and making it look easy WE CAN WIN
    DONT DO IT!!!!! Remember 2013. Please NO
    MORE OF THAT!!!!!

  3. Heri says:

    How many catchers do you need? I like Romine, Murphy and Sanchez ver Cisco. Create a package with a young pitcher and outfielder, get the phenom middle infielder needed, ala a Willie Randolf type trade.

  4. Michael R says:

    The future of the Yanks behind the plate is Sanchez. Cervelli (though I like him) is expendable and ripe for trading, providing it helps the club long term.

  5. tomy cassella says:

    yanks should keep cervelli. he is old school. and has much more hitting ability than murphy and romine. besides, he does'nt even wear batting gloves which is unheard of for a backup catcher.

  6. He's a steroid user. I thought everyone hated A-Rod so much for that…

    • olie says:

      It is true Cervelli was a user but Pettitte cheated as well and I didn't here to much hate from the fans. Give him another chance and don't trade him. If all the Yankees play with the passion of Cervelli they would be a real tough team to beat!

      • The passion Cervelli has? You mean like a few years ago when the Yankees demoted him to the minors because he wasn't putting enough effort and became lazy?

        • olie says:

          Watch him the next time he is behind the plate working with the pitcher! Cervelli was sent to the minors because the Yanks had Russ Martin and Chris Stewart! He was maybe immature at time but if memory serves me he broke into tears when he was sent down to me that don't sound like a guy that wouldn't be putting in a effort, there must be a reason the Yanks kept him around!

          • The Yankees sent Cervelli down because they felt that he grew complacent and wasn't giving enough effort. The guy cried, but that doesn't show effort. To me, that shows a guy that felt entitled to stay in the majors and didn't realize that his numbers weren't good enough. Just look at how he did after his demotion — somehow he was even WORSE in the minors. A year later, he even admitted to all of this (shortly before he was caught using steroids).

          • olie says:

            Just look at how he did today against Tigers, 2 homers and gunned a guy trying 3rd with perfect throw! Also he was the Yanks starter last year before injury and you would trade him for doing what 50% of the players in MLB do?

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I honestly think it had more to do with A-Rod continued to lie while Cervelli fessed up as soon as he was caught. He never should have done it, but he showed humility when caught.

  7. Mark says:

    I do like Cervelli, but he seems to be snake bit. Injuries, getting hit by pitches or run over at the plate. And the NYY have Romine. Romine needs his chance too. Trade Francisco if we can get a decent third baseman.

  8. Tanned Tom says:

    Trade him. Backup catchers are plentiful. Get another INF.

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