Yankees can use new instant replay rules today

Joe Girardi 6

After the new instant replay rules for the 2014 campaign came into effect this offseason, many fans wondered when the Yankees will be able to test the new system. Well, today’s that day.

The New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies will be able to use the new instant replay system during today’s game, the Yankees having six more instant replay games after today.

“We’ll practice it tomorrow,” Joe Girardi said on Wednesday. “We’ll have someone in the clubhouse watching on TV. He’s basically going to get one or two angles where at home (during the season) he would get 12. We’ll use walkie-talkies and try to do the best we can to practice. I don’t think you’ll really be able to practice, in a sense, until you get home.”

It will be up to Girardi and the coaching staff to decide which plays in the game would be worthy of an instant replay review.

“We’ll have a couple of people (checking replays),” Girardi said. “Our coaches go down and look at stuff, whether it’s Larry during an inning when we’re hitting. He’ll be watching pitchers and looking at video down there. Kevin goes down there. We’ll have a number of people in there keeping a close eye on it.”

So, just to get a feel for the new instant replay system, will Girardi challenge a remotely close play, even if it has no impact to the game?

“I was thinking, if I didn’t get a call, would I do it one time just to do it, just so I know the feel of it?” Girardi said. “And I might. Why not? You’ve only got so many chances in spring training.”

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