Yankees donate $50,000 to East Harlem building explosion victims

Yankee Stadium 3

The New York Yankees are known for giving back to the community especially when tragedy strikes, so it’s not surprising the Yankees are helping out the victims of the East Harlem building explosion by making a generous donation.

The Yankees are donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the tragedy that shook East Harlem to the core last week, reported the New York Daily News on Thursday morning. The New York City Football Club, a MLS soccer club co-owned by the Yankees, added an additional $15,000, making the grand total $65,000.

“Currently, a multi-lingual Red Cross response team is at the NY City Resident Service Center providing one-on-one case management and emotional support.” Josh Locke, CEO of the American Red Cross said. “On behalf of all those we serve, we thank our generous partners — the New York Yankees and New York City Football Club — for helping to make this possible.”

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