2014 Yankees over/under scenarios

Brett Gardner, Jose Molina

With first pitch approximately three hours away, I thought I’d do an over/under article on some of the scenarios the Yankees would face during their 2014 season. Here’s a few of them (if you have any others, you could put them in the comments for discussion).

Wins: 90
Over or Under: Over
Reason: The Yankees have a ball club that can hit, the only question mark is the health of the infield. If the Yankees are healthy as a whole, they can easily win over 90 games. I personally believe the Yankees have what it takes to win 96 games and the American League East, but in order for that to happen they have to be healthy and productive.

Home Runs: 200
Over or Under: Over
Reason: A few seasons ago, the Yankees hit over 200 home runs and that was when their ball club was healthy. Of course, the Yankees had Robinson Cano but that’s beside the point. The short porch in right field should be a dream for a hitter like Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran, and it helps Yankee Stadium is a hitters ballpark. Almost everyone in the lineup has the potential to hit at least 10 home runs, some of them have the potential to hit 20 or maybe even 30. Again, it all comes down to if they’re productive.

Stolen Bases: 100
Over or Under: Under
Reason: The Yankees will be under the 100 stolen base mark, but just barely. There are only two players on the team that are legitimate base stealers: Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury (Ichiro’s fast and can swipe a base, but I don’t see him swiping 40 bases at this point of his career). Ellsbury and Gardner have the potential to swipe 100 bags together, but Gardner has a tendency to hesitate on the base paths, which is why I predict they’ll be under 100.

Walk-Off Wins: 10
Over or Under: Over
Let’s face it, there’s nothing more dramatic than seeing a Yankees walk-off victory. I want to see as many of them as possible, so I believe there will be more than 10 in an 162 game season. I won’t put an exact answer because anything could happen with this team, but a repeat of the 2009 walk-offs would be nice.

Brett Gardner Gatorade Showers: 10
Over or Under: Over
Reason: With walk-off wins, there’s Gatorade showers. The Gatorade showers were a very nice touch by Gardner, especially with a season that didn’t leave much to cheer for. This answer is pretty much attached to the answer above because like I said, walk-off wins go with Gatorade showers…or pie if you’re A.J. Burnett.

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