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If you had Brian Roberts being healthy for 12 games before ultimately being injured before Game 13, then congratulations. You’d be correct.

According to George A. King III of the New York Post, Roberts was scheduled to start against the Red Sox tonight but was scratched due to a back injury. Yangervis Solarte had the start instead. Brian Cashman won’t say the severity of the injury but he did say Robert’s back is what ultimately kept him out of the lineup.

Roberts hasn’t played a full season since 2009, being plagued with injuries since then.

I’ll put any new information on the situation in this post, so stay tuned for more news.


— Brian Roberts had an MRI and the results came back negative. He’ll be re-evaluated in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Brian Roberts has back injury

  • Michael R

    Geesh, when are the Yanks going to quit signing players who have a consistent record of DL type injuries? Instead of developing players they rely on the old & injured, and expect them to produce for an entire season. These guys have trouble getting to the half way point of the season.

  • chris hauck

    wow Ivan Nova was great yesterday I am so happy he was able to pitch up to the 8th inning I think he got his confidence back I hope he continues to pitch the way he pitched yesterday way to go Ivan Nova keep up the good work because the Yankees really need you

  • Dave Guarnieri

    When they re-evaluate him in a few days, hopefully he will be on the Long Island Ducks. He makes the roster short and inflexible and that can't happen on an older team.

  • chris hauck

    wow that really sucks about Cervelli's hamstring problem hope he comes back real soon because the Yankees really need him and I love Cervelli

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