Cashman, Girardi, Pineda comment on last night’s pine tar use

Michael Pineda 6

Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi and Michael Pineda all addressed the media last night about Pineda using pine tar and subsequently getting ejected against the same team he used pine tar on the first time. Before we get into the quotes from all three of them, here are my thoughts on the whole saga that unfolded last night. I didn’t want to post my thoughts last nights in case I felt differently in the morning, so I slept on it. Unsurprisingly, I still feel the same way as last night:

  • It was extremely dumb to use it against the Red Sox, twelve days after it was used against the Red Sox. You’d have to figure John Farrell and the Red Sox would be on the lookout after that.
  • It’s an embarrassing and unfortunate situation for the Yankees organization, the fans and for Pineda. The Yankees loss against the Red Sox means nothing; the fact Pineda cheated a second time and wasn’t even discreet about it is what’s baffling.
  • The Yankees are partly at fault for this. They said they spoke to him about the pine tar use after the first game, but I don’t think Pineda understood the consequences if he was caught again. There has to be a better sense of communication between them.
  • I honestly believe Joe Girardi had no knowledge of Michael Pineda placing pine tar on his neck before the second inning. He was clean in the first and Girardi assumed Pineda got the message about the pine tar from when he was spoken to the first time.
  • I’ll end my thoughts on a slightly good note: Most young pitchers who are caught cheating would probably slip out the back door before the media could get to them. The fact Michael Pineda stood there and addressed the media of the mistake he made–in English, his second language no less–shows he was willing to own up to his mistakes. I still think he did the wrong thing by using pine tar so out in the open and he deserves to be punished by Major League Baseball, but he did acknowledge he had a lapse in judgement.

All right, now that I got my thoughts out of the way, here’s some quotes from Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi and Michael Pineda:

Joe Girardi

“Obviously we have discussions with all our pitchers on things they’re dealing with, that’s what we do. We don’t ignore situations, we handle situations. It’s something Michael chose to do after the first inning; he had a hard time gripping the baseball. Conditions are not conducive to gripping a baseball. Unknown to us, he put it on and went out there.”

Brian Cashman

“We certainly are responsible, and there’s certainly failure on our part as an organization as a whole that he took the field in the second inning with that on his neck. He’s responsible for his actions, but we failed as an organization for somehow him being in that position. I don’t know how, none of us right now, we’re scratching our head right now, how that took place.” 

Michael Pineda

“I apologize to my teammates and everybody. I feel so sad. … I know I make a mistake.”


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  1. Ronnie says:

    The hullabaloo over this is amazing. Some are calling for greater penalties. Joe Niekro was caught with an emery board and got 10 games. Buckholtz looks like he is doing a commercial for hair product and gets nothing. Pineda is only guilty of stupidity. I think girardi should check both buckholtz and Lester every time they pitch.

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