Derek Jeter has tightness in his quad

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When I saw the lineup for the Yankees and didn’t spot Derek Jeter anywhere in the order, I knew something was wrong. Nothing was terribly wrong but Joe Girardi revealed Jeter had tightness in his quad, something Jeter has been battling with since Friday. With that, Girardi decided to give Jeter the day off even though there’s an off day tomorrow.

“Friday, early in the game, his quad got a little tight, but played the whole game,” Girardi said. “Saturday was a scheduled day off, no matter what. I had it scheduled for the whole week. I knew that he was going to be off. I’d say about the fifth, sixth, seventh inning (on Saturday), I started thinking it probably makes sense to give him one more day because it buys him two more days (with Monday being an off day).”

Jeter didn’t speak to the media earlier today, but it’s almost a given Jeter isn’t happy with the situation. Girardi expected it, since Jeter likes being out on the field and usually fights his way into the lineup.

“He fights me about every time that we’re going to give him a day off, but he’s been that way since day one,” Girardi said. “I remember he used to fight Joe (Torre) and say, ‘How am I going to break Cal (Ripken’s) record if you keep doing this to me?’ It’s never a real comfortable situation when you tell him that you’re going to give him a day, but I think he understands what I’m trying to do. It’s just his heart. He wants to be out there.”

So, with Jeter on the bench tonight, does that mean he’s unavailable?

“Is he available to me tonight? In an emergency I would use him,” he said. “Are there any tests scheduled? No. He went through some tightness in spring training that he got through. He had it in his calf at one point, and he got through it. I figured, you know what? It probably makes more sense to give him today. I could have put him in there. Originally, my plan was to put him in there today, but I changed my mind during the game yesterday.

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  1. Michael R says:

    What else is new!!!

  2. chris hauck says:

    wow Derek Jeter is an inspiration he loves to play the game even when he is hurt he has so much determination and concern I know he wants to play because he wants to help the team win the Yankees are so lucky to have him he is truly an inspiration for the Yankees

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