Derek Jeter honored in Houston for first stop of Farewell Tour

Derek Jeter 13

We’ve seen this with Mariano Rivera and now we’re going to see it with Derek Jeter. Last night, the Houston Astros honored Jeter in a two minute ceremony, giving him a cowboy hat, pinstriped cowboy boots and golf clubs. Jeter shook hands, watched an honorary video montage and got back to his routine before the game started. Okay, so Jeter’s Farewell Tour seems a little more rushed and he has a completely different schedule than Rivera but it was nice nonetheless.

Jeter’s former teammate and friend Andy Pettitte thought was because Jeter isn’t used to this kind of attention.

“This is probably putting a little bit of a kink in his schedule,” Andy Pettitte said. “But it’s something that he’s got to do. He’s been too great of a player and an ambassador for this game not to let the fans in every city that the go to honor him.”

However, Jeter simply had no idea what was going on; he expected the two minute ceremony but he wasn’t expecting the tour to continue when everyone in the Astros dugout came out to give him a standing ovation in his first at-bat.

“I never even thought about that happening,” Jeter said. “I didn’t know what was happening at first, so no, I didn’t plan anything like that. … It’s appreciated, but it’s not something that I go out expecting. Today was nice. It was nice of them to do. It was not something I would expect.”

Jeter’s manager and former teammate Joe Girardi thought the honor for Jeter was great, and he was going to make sure Jeter soaked it all in and made time to enjoy it–even though Jeter’s not big fan of having so much attention focused on him.

It was a great start to Jeter’s well deserved tour, but I’m curious about one little thing: why the golf clubs on the first stop?

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