Eduardo Nunez traded to Twins

New York Yankees Eduardo Nunez

The Eduardo Nunez era in the Bronx is over.

The Yankees have announced Eduardo Nunez was traded to the Minnesota Twins for minor league left handed pitcher Miguel Sulbaran.

Sulbaran, 20, is 21-10 with a 3.15 ERA in 55 career appearances between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Twins organization.

Nunez was designated for assignment before Spring Training concluded in favor of utility infielder Yangervis Solarte.

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10 Responses to Eduardo Nunez traded to Twins

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Peace is wonderful. And to get back a 20 year old Left handed reliever? Sounds great to me.

  2. Michael R says:

    A prospect is a step in the right direction. I wish Nunez the best but I doubt he will ever contribute much at the big league level unless someone, somewhere, teaches him how to play a position.

  3. Sulbaran sounds like a decent prospect to get back for Nunez. He had a 2.96 ERA, a 8.1 K/9 and a 2.6 BB/9 in 112 innings last year. Certainly, he's not a blue chip, but he could be a reasonable piece for a future bullpen. Nice trade.

  4. hotdog says:

    funny how the Yankees held Nunez back as part of the prospective trade for Cliff Lee years ago because he was considered so valuable…and that was because David Adams medical issues took him off the table…Montero and Nunez/Adams for Cliff Lee…i think that would have changed things in New York but who would have thought Montero, Nunez and Adams would fall flat…then again, who would have thought Solarte would be so productive in spring training and in his first few games…

    • There were other prospects included in that package at the time. I feel like it was more about Cashman saying, 'enough is enough' as opposed to specifically wanting to hang on to Nunez. I mean, the trade, supposedly, was done with Adams included and then at the last second, after an agreement had already been reached, the Mariners asked for Nunez instead.

      It's funny how things work out though because right now it seems that Pineda still has a bit of potential that he's about to fulfill.

      • hotdog says:

        the Mariners looked at Adams medical report and pulled the plug…

        • They had already seen his medical report and agreed to a deal. Before it was finalized they got cold feet and asked for Nunez instead. Cashman thought they had a deal and refused to swap out Adams for Nunez. Now it seems silly to hold on to Nunez and miss out on Cliff Lee, but they did have an agreement in place that the Mariners backed out on.

          If Pineda works out and this Sulbaran kid turns into a future reliever for them then it could still work out for the Yankees. Heck, it works out for the Yankees if even one of those things happens.

  5. Markus says:

    Eduardo Nunez had some really good moments and is (at least for me) a good player. I’m curious to see how he will play in the Twins team.

  6. Yankees fan says:

    Scott Sizemore should be called up to play 3rd base. Have Solarte and Sizmore compete for the for the 3rd base job!

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