Girardi and Jeter react to Cano’s reception in the Bronx

Robinson Cano 24

Last night, Robinson Cano made his return to Yankee Stadium as a member of the Seattle Mariners–and let’s just say like the weather, the reception for him was the same: chilly. There were boos that lasted throughout Cano’s at-bats, there were “You sold out” chants and the boos only got louder when Cano hustled to first base–and stole second!

Now, I can’t speak for every fan and say why they booed Cano, but I can give you Joe Girardi and Derek Jeter‘s thoughts as to why they believed Cano was booed–and they gave pretty valid reasons.

Joe Girardi:

“I’ve always felt the people that are cheering for you are showing their respect for you. And the people that are booing you are really showing their respect for you, because they didn’t want you to leave.”

Derek Jeter:

“Some people probably booed because they wish he was here. Some people boo because they’re upset he left. And some people may have booed because the people next to them were booing.”

Those could be the reasons Cano was booed and jeered last night, but Cano didn’t let it bother him. Here’s a quote from Cano in his press conference about how he felt returning to New York for the first time since signing with the Mariners.

Robinson Cano:

“I’m just happy to be back. To see guys that I played with for a long time, and guys that always were so kind and nice to me. Being able to say hi to them and in front of the New York crowd, (remembering) the way that they treated me when I was here.”

So now that we have Cano’s first night in the Bronx out of the way, will he get a nicer reception tonight, weather permitting? I don’t know but I do have one glaring thought; the Mariners had to bring their weather from Seattle to New York didn’t they?

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4 Responses to Girardi and Jeter react to Cano’s reception in the Bronx

  1. Jeff Bunnell says:

    Both Girardi and Jeter got it right. I would have boo'd like CRAZY if I was there that night, but it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate what he did while he was here. There were things said this past off-season by Cano that weren't so "pro-Yankees" and he still doesn't realize what he's done to his career to this point.
    In all honesty, I see the M's doing the same thing to Robbie that Texas did to A-Rod: At some point around 2016-2017 they are going to realize that they need to dump his contract for the good of the team.

  2. Cano is a money grubbing traitor with loyalty for nothing but money. I love Jacoby Ellsbury. He's a real ball player that knows the importance of winning.


  3. Michael R says:

    Well stated Rob.

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