Hiroki Kuroda gets the start tonight


Opening Day didn’t go to plan for the Yankees, so they’re turning to Hiroki Kuroda to try to get the Yankees into the win column. Kuroda has been an effective pitcher for the Yankees early in the season but has the tendency to falter once September comes around. That’s why this season, Kuroda will be given the “Andy Pettitte treatment”, in the sense where Kuroda won’t throw more than 100 pitches per start.

“We’ll watch him closely like we have every other year,” Joe Girardi said. “Maybe you start thinking, you get up around the 100 pitch mark, that might be it for him. You’ve got to see how taxing the innings are, if he’s got an extra days’ rest coming, all those sort of things. We’re going to have to watch him.”

Girardi managed Pettitte the same way last season, hence why I calleed it the Pettitte treatment. In fact the only start that comes to mind with Pettitte going over 100 pitches was his final start and that ended pretty well for him.

Some Notes

— Girardi let Kelly Johnson hit against a left hander, which is something you won’t see often this season. He said going forward he might use the option of Francisco Cervelli in those key situations, despite the issue he could lose his back-up catcher in the process.

“I think it’s something you think about, sure,” Girardi said.

— Girardi confirmed Dean Anna will be the emergency catcher in case something happens to both Brian McCann and Cervelli.

— The Yankees released utility player Addison Maruszak, who was initially going to start the season in Trenton.

— Although the New York Mets are speculated to be interested in Eduardo Nunez, they haven’t spoken to the Yankees. However, the Seattle Mariners are one of the many teams  interested in acquiring Nunez. Nunez was designated for assignment prior to yesterday’s game.

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