Ivan Nova has partial tear in UCL; to go on the DL

Ivan Nova 4

When Ivan Nova left last night’s game due to injury, it didn’t look good, since he was shaking his elbow and arm, trying to get it lose. As of this morning, the Yankees now have face the reality¬†that they might not have Ivan Nova for the duration of the season.

An MRI revealed Nova had a partial tear in his¬†ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) and will go on the DL. Injuries like those usually result in Tommy John Surgery, which could end Nova’s season. He’ll get checked out by Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad tomorrow in New York for further examination.

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3 Responses to Ivan Nova has partial tear in UCL; to go on the DL

  1. Tough break with Nova going down but the Yanks have some depth. Nuno goes today and, though a small sample, pitched well in the games he started last year. David Phelps and Al Aceves are other options. They like Adam Warren in the bullpen and for now, thats where he stays.

    Now, obviously, more than ever that the rest of the rotation stays healthy.

    The bright side, despite being humiliated the past 2 games they still can get out of there with a split.

    Tex back and is unusually enthusiastic, I think he feels he has something to prove (he does) and I think he may surprise those of us who are down on him.

    David Robertson on track to return Tuesday. So the news isn't all bad.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    That's sad for Nova & his career. He had a chance to shine this year. Two years from now he's a real question mark. Yes we have depth. The Yankees have too many injuries and should examine their bullpen and weight programs and make sure it's not self-inflicted. Go Phelps!

  3. Michael R says:

    Sorry to see Nova go down but he has been very sporadic and is, I think, and hope, replaceable. It may have to be done by committee for awhile, but someone has been afforded a great opportunity.

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