Ivan Nova to have Tommy John Surgery

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The Yankees had a hunch Ivan Nova was going to need Tommy John Surgery, but Nova went to search for a second opinion. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much Dr. James Andrews could tell Nova except that his season is over.

The Yankees announced Ivan Nova will have Tommy John Surgery on Tuesday in Alabama. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Andrews and the next time Ivan Nova could stand on a mound in a professional game could be in the middle to near end of the 2015 season. Girardi commented on Nova’s decision to have the surgery during his scrum with the media:

“I think it’s the right decision,” Girardi said. “I haven’t really seen anyone rehab a partially torn ligament and have success. It seems what it does is just delay the inevitable of what’s going to happen. Then instead of maybe missing a year and a little bit of time, you miss a couple of years.”

Nova becomes the 15th pitcher to go under the knife for Tommy John Surgery this year. 15 and the seasons only a month in? I don’t want to know the number of how many pitchers will need TJS when the season actually ends…

Some Notes

— Because Michael Pineda was suspended, the Yankees have to play with 24 men on the roster for the next ten days. Girardi said he’ll have Pineda throw but Pineda’s decision cost some Yankees their spot on the roster. Preston Claiborne (who pitched very well in his last two outings) and Dean Anna (who had done very well for the Yankees as a backup shortstop) were sent to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Bruce Billings and Shane Greene were called up for those two roster spots.

Joe Girardi twisted an ESPN camera last night as the camera man was trying to film inside the Yankee tunnel after Michael Pineda departed. MLB will not fine or punish Girardi since rules clearly state the tunnel is off limits to media.  “I’m fine with MLB; MLB’s fine with me,” Girardi said. “I have an issue, though, with going down into the tunnel. I think that’s flat wrong. It’s meant for the dugout. I know everyone wants access but there has to be some areas that we can go where we can actually communicate with players that there’s not a microphone hearing us or a camera watching lips. I mean, we have to have some privacy.”

Brendan Ryan is slated to return next week for the Yankees, so Girardi will have Yangervis Solarte be the backup shortstop until then.


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  1. Robert Rufa says:

    Whoa. Girardi would be a fool to take Solarte out of the starting lineup.

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