Jeter plays day game after a night game

Derek Jeter 16

The morning has been quiet for the Yankees; in fact, Joe Girardi didn’t even post the lineup until after his press conference. There’s really only one thing to take away from this morning: Derek Jeter is playing a day game after a night game.

With aging players, Girardi likes to have them play either the night game or the day game, almost never both. However, Girardi gave his reason as to why he had to play Jeter this afternoon.

“We’re facing a lefty (Hector Santiago) today,” Girardi said. “The times that I’ve given him the day game after the night game (off), it’s been a right-hander. Our team is constructed a little bit different than it has been before this series.”

Fans that are heading to the game should be excited Jeter is playing back-to-back days, and it seems to be a good thing there’s an off-day Monday, since that also influenced Girardi’s decision to play Jeter.

“I know that I have to watch,” Girardi said. “I understand that, and I will continue to do that. Part of it is a little bit of who we’re facing, with a left-hander today. That has something to do with it, but I’ll continue to pay attention. I also know that we have a day off coming on Monday. It’s just trying to have a feel for it.”

Some Notes

— Yankees prospect Jose Campos had Tommy John Surgery yesterday, meaning he’ll be out for the next 12-18 months.

— With David Phelps starting Wednesday, Girardi is going to try to stay away from him in the pen, but he did say that he would be okay with using Phelps today–for a little bit.

“I could probably use him today, maybe a little bit,” he said. “My inkling is to stay away from him and try to use the other guys in the bullpen, but we’ll see what happens.”

— Not many players have at-bats off Santiago, but Kelly Johnson is 2-for-4 with a triple. It’s a small sample size, but that was the reason Girardi went with Johnson instead of Yangervis Solarte.

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