Klapisch: Yankees will not honor Cano

Robinson Cano 22

Robinson Cano makes his return to the Bronx tonight as a member of the Seattle Mariners for a showdown against the New York Yankees. However, if you were expecting there to be a Robinson Cano video tribute a la Jacoby Ellsbury and the Boston Red Sox, you’re not going to see one.

According to Bob Klapisch of NorthJersey.com, the Yankees will not honor Cano during the first game of the three game set. It was a different tune in Boston when the Red Sox honored Ellsbury for his nine seasons with the team before he signed a multi-year contract with the New York Yankees.

“It proved to me there were no hard feelings [about signing with the Yankees],” Ellsbury said about his tribute video. “I gave everything I had to that town, to that team. I’m glad they acknowledged it.”

There was a difference between Ellsbury’s departure and Cano’s departure: Ellsbury wasn’t offered a contract from the Red Sox and never said a bad word about his former employer while Cano rebuffed an offer of $175 Million for seven years and later said he felt “disrespected” by the Yankees. The comment still bothers the Yankees and of course, they have every right to still be upset. If a player is offered $175 Million to play for the Yankees, that would be a blessing. Instead, it was labeled as a “disrespected” price for arguably the best second basemen in the game.

I’ll have fan reaction later to my ‘Would Fans boo or cheer Robinson Cano’ post later in the afternoon. I’ll leave you with a question though; would you cheer or boo Cano when he steps into the batters box tonight? 

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8 Responses to Klapisch: Yankees will not honor Cano

  1. Girardi says:

    Of course some will boo and some will cheer. The booing for leaving the Yankees (and Cano's ridiculous statement about being disrespected) and the cheering for his productive years here. I don't blame him for taking the extra $65 million and longer deal. I don't blame the Yankees for not offering the 10 years either. Only 1 contract of that length has ever worked out for the team. Yeah, that guy, Derek Jeter.

  2. Celerino Sanchez says:

    I hope the Yankees are magnanimous and look past Cano's comment, if not for him then for the fans.

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    Considering how they got stuck with A'Rod, the Yanks were wise to steer clear of a 10-year contract with Cano. He's the one who should have respected the Yankees and accepted their fair offer. Instead he abandoned the team when they needed a solid infield anchor and a leader to fill Jeter's shoes when he retires. So okay–Seattle gave Cano what he wanted–good for him. But he's not playing in NY, he's not playing for the team with baseball's most storied history.

  4. sojuyankee says:

    Cheer him when they first announce him the make KC look like a love fest!

  5. Grigio Vespa says:

    Yankee offer was for $25 MILLION a year albeit for 7 years. He accepted $24 MILLION a year for 10 years, an AROD like contract the Y ankles obviously wanted to avoid.

    What sort of disrespect is that, JayZ?

  6. Max says:

    yup they "disrespected" a multi-millionaire allegedly only paying a measely couple hundred dollars a month in child support to his only son. he isn't a hypocrite or anything

  7. Ramiro says:

    Cano accepted less Money per year to not be a yankee, who disrespected who??…enough said!

  8. Girardi says:

    By the time this contract is over , the Ancient Mariner won't just be a well known poem.

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