Mark Teixeira acknowledges his wrist will never be the same

New York Yankees Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira tries to find normalcy in his every day baseball routine as he returns from a season ending wrist surgery, but even he knows his surgically repaired wrist will never be the same.

“It’s never going to be normal. (There will be) a new normal and hopefully it will get stronger,” Teixeira told the New York Daily News on Tuesday evening. “We’ll see what that new normal is. Is it hitting the ball in the second row instead of the fifth? Hopefully that’s what it is.”

Manager Joe Girardi liked what he saw from Teixeira during the final week of Spring Training where he had just three hits in approximately 30 at-bats.

“It was the last week where I thought that he started to let the bat go,” Girardi said. “He started to swing it with authority and he wasn’t necessarily protecting his wrist at all. I saw him hit some balls hard and take some really good swings and that was encouraging to me, more lefthanded than righthanded.”

If anything, I believed Teixeira looked much better last night than he did during the last week of Spring Training. He hit the ball hard and he was able to beat the shift. His wrist may never be the same again, but I think he has the potential of being a productive hitter at this point of his career–if he can shake off his early April slumps.

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