Mark Teixeira goes on the DL with hamstring strain

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Four days into the season, the Yankees have put their first everyday player on the disabled list. Mark Teixeira was sent to the DL with a hamstring strain, although the Yankees haven’t sent him to get an MRI as of yet. Teixeira expects to be back within the next fifteen days, but this wasn’t the start he envisioned when he vowed he’d bounce back from his wrist surgery. In fact, Teixeira was furious with the prognosis and even admitted to almost letting his anger get the best of him.

“I wanted to break everything in this clubhouse last night when I came in here, but I respect the Blue Jays organization more than that,” a dejected Teixeira said. “It was really frustrating. I felt like I did everything offseason and this spring to get my body in position to play all season.”

Despite Teixeira being put on the DL, Girardi said it’s not serious and it was more of a precautionary move.

“We don’t think it’s a bad strain,” Joe Girardi said. “Obviously we’ll have a test on Monday when he gets back, but we just felt it was in the best interest of him and us to put him on the DL, that way he doesn’t keep testing it and make it worse.”

Teixeira’s injury impacts players such as Kelly Johnson, Yangervis Solarte, Francisco Cervelli, and Dean Anna.

“He’s [Kelly Johnson] our first baseman now,” Girardi said. With Johnson moving to first base, Solarte is now the primary third basemen–at least until Teixeira returns.

“I can put Anna (at third base) too if I feel like he needs the day or we like the matchup a little bit better, but (Solarte)’s playing great so I’m going to leave him there,” Girardi said. Solarte expected to have an opportunity with the team, but he wasn’t envisioning it to be like this. He’s done well in his two rare starts; now his starts won’t be all that rare.

With Solarte and possibly Anna at third, Johnson needs a back-up , and that will be Francisco Cervelli. Cervelli took grounders at first and with the addition of Austin Romine, it gives Girardi more of an option to pinch-hit Cervelli and even play him in the infield.

Some Notes

Brian Roberts was scheduled to have the day off yesterday, but Teixeira’s injury forced him to enter and play almost the entire game. With that in mind, Girardi decided to give him the day off today. Brett Gardner also has the (scheduled) day off.

David Robertson won’t pitch today after back-to-back outings. If it was later in the season, Robertson would go three days in the row, but for now Girardi has to be careful with his newly appointed closer.


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3 Responses to Mark Teixeira goes on the DL with hamstring strain

  1. Robert says:

    Ichiro has played well in two games and the Yankees won both games—their only two wins. Seems like a no-brainer to me: Play Ichiro as often as possible. It was heartbreaking to see Pineda's great effort go to waste.

  2. Icharo doing a great job showcasing himself. If he continues, they may be able to get something for him while using the $6.5 Million to lock in Kendreys Morales for the rest of this year. Teixeira gets hurt sneezing.

    Unfortunatly, Morales is not a good fielder (although watching "Gold Glove Teixiera throw the ball around the field so far this year has not been pretty). Plus, Tex has 3 years left on his contract and owed about $65Million.

    I am sure that Tex's and ARODS's contracts are insuured. I don't know how that works. Anyone?

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