Michael Pineda ejected for pine tar use 7

Michael Pineda 5Well, it seemed Michael Pineda didn’t really learn his lesson from his last outing with the Red Sox where he used pine tar out in the open.

Michael Pineda was ejected from the game earlier in the second inning for having a foreign substance (pine tar) on his person John Farrell asked for Gerry Davis to check Pineda, and Davis found the substance Pineda’s neck. He immediately ejected Pineda from the game with no argument from Joe Girardi or Pineda.

Now, Michael Pineda faces a suspension that could be up to 10 games, but Major League Baseball is allowed to decide how long the suspension is, via rule 8.02. Here’s  an excerpt to what what rule 8.02 dictates:

The pitcher shall not — 
(b) Have on his person, or in his possession, any foreign substance. For such infraction of this section (b) the penalty shall be immediate ejection from the game. In addi- tion, the pitcher shall be suspended automatically. In National Association Leagues, the automatic suspension shall be for 10 games.

I’ll have quotes from Pineda and Girardi after the game but right now things are not looking good for Michael Pineda.

7 thoughts on “Michael Pineda ejected for pine tar use

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Just to point out, the National Association League is the minors. There is no automatic 10 game suspension in the MLB. Although Pineda certainly could get suspended. Peralta got 8 games so that sounds about right. Forces him to miss 1 start.

  • Mike Sommer

    His stupidity and immaturity is just incredible, going back to his showing up overweight and out of shape for the 2012 spring training. Is this someone I want on the mound in a big spot? Especially the playoffs? Right now, the answer is no, and Pineda has to do a lot to redeem himself in my eyes.

  • Dave Guarnieri

    "They all just think he's dumb for getting caught so easily". Exactly.

    It's an ESPN game broadcast nationwide, they initially picked it up. Even though "everybody does it", you can't make the Sox look like fools, They did what had to do.

    The pine tar does not affect the movement on the ball.

    Pineda could rub his hands with a pine tar rag while he is in the dugiut while the Yanks are hitting. He could put a crapload on his hands.

    If he needs a "fix" in his part of the inning, Have the catcher do it. With all the equipment catchers wear he can easily load the ball up.———-This is not to say it is a stupid rule to begin with. Again, the pine tar does not effect ball movement.

  • David K.

    Since when has the rozin bag become obsolete? Not only was it stupid but he has cost us two starts. That's pretty big. Now, I don't want to sound like a crybaby but you know that if it was a Red Sox pitcher who got busted, he would have only been suspended for 8 games. MLB and Joe Torre loves to kick the Yankees around every chance they get.

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