Michael Pineda suspended for 10 games

Michael Pineda 5

Major League Baseball has officially announced Michael Pineda has been suspended for 10 games regarding last night’s pine tar incident. The suspension is to start effective immediately and he’s expected to miss at least one start, thanks to Monday’s off-day. Pineda is allowed to appeal, but I heavily doubt he will, given the circumstances.

I imagine David Phelps will spot start in Pineda’s place but that will be up for Joe Girardi to decide.

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2 Responses to Michael Pineda suspended for 10 games

  1. olie says:

    He will miss 1 start!

  2. Michael R says:

    Where in the world were the Yankee veterans in all of this, sitting on their hands? Where were the coaches in all of this? Just because Pineda is stupid doesn't mean everyone else has to follow suit. What kind of leadership allows a guy to make an absolute fool of himself? I have read that Yankee management treats players with kid gloves. After this event I'm thinking that must be the case.

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