MLB tweaks transfer rule and Jeter approves

Derek Jeter 15

Major League Baseball has made their first rule change during the “replay era” and it involves reverting back to the old transfer rule. If the ball is caught but is dropped on the transfer, it is now an out, effective immediately. There are many middle infielders happy with the new rule change, but no one is happier than Derek Jeter.

“That’s good,” Jeter said. “It made it very uncomfortable to try to turn a double play, constantly thinking, you should catch it; pull it out; don’t drop it. I’m happy. …

“I think you saw a lot of people sort of take it step by step. You’re trying to be quick when you try to turn a double play.”

Joe Girardi said he’s glad MLB made the adjustment and changed the rule, feeling that MLB made the right call in doing so.

“I think they’re willing to adjust,” Girardi said. “I think they said with the replay, this was a year where they were going to go through some things and they’re going to make some adjustments. I credit them for making the adjustments and continuing to communicate with the managers and the players and the (players) association and everyone involved so we get it right.”

Some Notes

— The Yankees announced Brendan Ryan will begin a rehab assignment on Tuesday in Tampa. He’s slated to get 50 at-bats before returning and Girardi says he has about 20 so far. He’s slated to return sometime next week.

— Girardi also announced David Phelps will be the Yankees starter on Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners. He’s replacing the suspended Michael Pineda. Pineda is allowed to do pregame workouts but he’s not allowed to be around the field by the time the game starts.

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