Opening Day is here!


Well, the day we thought would never come has finally arrived! Opening Day is here!

This Opening Day is slightly sentimental since this will be the final Opening Day of Derek Jeter‘s career–just one of the many lasts for Jeter this season. Not only will there be lasts, but there will also be firsts. This is the first Opening Day David Robertson will be the Yankees primary closer following the retirement of Mariano Rivera and it’s also the first Opening Day the Yankees can have their new players in the lineup such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran.

Opening Day is a day filled with excitement, but it’s just the beginning to a long season. Here’s the question we should ask ourselves before the game begins; what’s the one thing the Yankees organization (and fans) would like to see come out of 2014?¬†A 28th World Series Title.

Today is the first of many steps to get to the ultimate goal.


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