Surgery recommended for Ivan Nova after second opinion


Ivan Nova went to visit Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad on Monday afternoon for a second opinion, following a diagnosis of Nova partially tearing his ulnar collateral ligament. The results came in and unfortunately we won’t see Nova in the next 12-18 months.

Following the re-evaluation, Dr. Ahmad recommended Tommy John Surgery to the 27-year old right hander, meaning now it’s about when he’ll go under the knife. Nova partially tore his UCL in the fifth inning of Saturday’s 16-1 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays. More information will be added to this post as I’m sure Joe Girardi will be asked about the situation.


Manager Joe Girardi spoke to the media just after 5 p.m. about the diagnosis of Nova’s partial UCL tear and the recommendation for Tommy John Surgery, and he admits he had a hunch the situation was heading that way.

“Obviously we had an inkling that was going to be the recommendation,” manager Joe Girardi said. “It’s unfortunate and obviously he has to make a decision now. It’s what you don’t want to hear.”

It wasn’t the most convenient time for Nova to need Tommy John Surgery; he becomes a free agent in 2016 and he’ll spend most of his arbitration years on the disabled list, rehabbing to make a comeback.

“We had high hopes for him because of what he did at the end of last year,” Girardi said. “His spring training was very, very good. We had big expectations for him. This is a blow to our rotation, but no one is going to feel sorry for you. As a ballclub, we have to figure it out.”

Some Notes

Vidal Nuno will get another start in Ivan Nova’s vacant spot and Girardi kind of but didn’t really confirm that Nuno would be the fifth starter going forward. The move leaves David Phelps in the pen, who was also an option for the job.

Ichiro Suzuki is in the lineup for the Yankees instead of Brett Gardner. It’s mainly because Ichiro has better numbers off Jon Lester than Gardner does. Gardner’s available off the bench if the Yankees need him.


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7 Responses to Surgery recommended for Ivan Nova after second opinion

  1. Jim Harper says:

    Now is the best time to have the surgery to give himself a chance to come back in the latter half of 2015.

  2. Michael R says:

    Everyone knew he would be having surgery, except I guess, the first doctor.

  3. chris hauck says:

    wow that's a tough break for Ivan Nova hope the surgery goes well for him definitely keep Ichiro in the Yankees lineup Ichiro is great he always comes up with a big hit definitely keep Ellsbury in the lineup that guy is great so glad that the Yankees got him I think Nuno will be a great substitute for Ivan Nova

  4. chris hauck says:

    Beltran is a great player so great that he came up with a homerun in yesterday's game Solarte is also a great plaver and so is Soriano

  5. chris hauck says:

    Tanaka was on fire yesterday that guy is a great pitcher the Yankees made a very smart decision to get him he is a major boost for the Yankees starting pitchers he is a great pitcher to watch he is very exciting

  6. Any other great players?

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