Video: Robinson Cano skit on ‘The Tonight Show’

Former New York Yankee second basemen and current Seattle Mariner Robinson Cano appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ recently and although he’s not a Yankee anymore–there was one particular skit that was just too good not to blog about. Don’t worry, the skit includes Yankees fans and they ended up in an awkward situation.

Boo Cano In A Box: To recap the skit, it took place in Bryant Park where there was a gigantic cardboard box of Robinson Cano in a Seattle Mariners uniform. A correspondent of ‘The Tonight Show’ first asked a few Yankees fans if they would boo Cano tomorrow when he played against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium (spoiler alert: their answer was yes). Anyway, they told the fans to boo the Cano cardboard cutout, unaware that the actual Robinson Cano was inside the box. After the fans booed and the correspondent got their attention, Cano came out of the box just as the fans were about to boo the cardboard cut out again. When the fans saw the actual Cano, there were laughs, smiles and hand shakes and one person actually said this happens “only in New York”.

Let this be a lesson to you Yankees fans. The next time you see a gigantic cardboard box of Robinson Cano in the middle of Bryant Park…don’t boo it. You never know if the actual Robinson Cano will come out and hear your jeers.

Clip courtesy of ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’. 

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