What potential roster moves could the Yankees make?

Mark Teixeira 5

With Mark Teixeira coming off the disabled list on Friday and David Robertson coming off  on Tuesday, the Yankees have to make some roster moves to put their players back on the field. The question lingering is, who would get sent down for Teixeira and Robertson?

Mark Teixeira: For the purpose of this exercise, Yangervis Solarte is not an option to send down–he’s played far too well for the Yankees. With Solarte off the board, it would come down between Dean Anna and Scott Sizemore. Anna offers defense and is a solid backup shortstop on days Derek Jeter needs a rest, but Sizemore has shown more offensively in just a few games (and he plays first base well for a guy who’s never played there before). My bet is Anna is sent down tomorrow when it’s time for the Yankees to activate Teixeira.

David Robertson: The roster move for Robertson is a little trickier. I would have said Cesar Cabral but Cabral was designated for assignment last night and Matt Daley was called up. It’s possible the Yankees could send Vidal Nuno to Triple AAA following tomorrow’s game, simply because he won’t be able to pitch for a few days. The Yankees could also send Matt Daley down but the move wouldn’t make much sense since Daley would only be here for two days. There’s no clear cut move for Robertson but in the end it could be between those two.

Brendan RyanRyan’s not coming back for another two weeks or so, meaning we don’t have to worry about Ryan just yet. However, that moment will come eventually, and roster spots suddenly don’t appear guaranteed meaning Solarte’s roster spot might not be as safe when it comes to Ryan. If Solarte has a terrible two weeks, the Yankees could send him down or it could be whoever is left between Anna or Sizemore. Above I predicted Anna would be the one sent down, so here I’m going to predict Sizemore is the one off the roster–not because Sizemore has played poorly (he hasn’t). It’s just that there’s too much talent and not enough room for all of them. So, this could be a difficult, unfortunate cut should the Yankees choose to make it.

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9 Responses to What potential roster moves could the Yankees make?

  1. Ronnie says:

    If Sizemore is sent down is he then able to opt out and be a free agent on May 1st? That may be a consideration since his minor league deal allows this. The yankees would than lose him. Does Ryan have a option to the minors?

  2. gcorcoran says:

    My guess is Anna gets sent down and then the situation sorts itself out by the time Ryan comes back. Either Sizemore or Solarte will play themselves off the roster IMO.

  3. brucefan1 says:

    "It’s just that there’s too much talent and not enough room for all of them."

    Haha!! Oh the delicious irony of it all, what with so many "experts" declaring but two weeks ago that this Yankee infield to be one of the worst in baseball, and their worst in decades!

    (But don't hold your breath waiting for any of those scoffers to offer mea culpas for their lame predictions. THAT never happens. There's a greater chance of the sun coming up in the west! Whatta laugh!)

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Not sure which experts you're discussing but this blog never said the infield was the "worst". Simply the infield had question marks. Everyone has stepped up and proven there's talent which is why there is too much talent and not enough room for all of them. The sentence is valid. Plain and simple.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    It all comes down to who still has minor league options left. Ryan does not, as far as I know. The way Solarte is playing you gotta keep him. I think we're likely to see the club try to DFA a player with the intention of sending them to AAA. Or even make a trade to alleviate the glut of IFs. This is the ugly downside of filling positions with quantity, leaves you without a lot of maneuverability.

  5. Mike Sommer says:

    Both Anna and Sizemore have one option left. As far as Sizemore accepting his option and not opting out on May 1st, that we'd have to see.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Chad Jennings of LoHud said on Twitter he doesn't believe the May 1st opt out applies anymore since he's on the 40 man and has a MLB contract. He could be wrong, but that's what he believes.

  6. Mike Sommer says:

    Here is a thought outside the box. Release Roberts, who is 36, isn't as versatile as Johnson, Sizemore or Solarte, is the most injury prone, and has the least power, put Solarte at 2B, platoon Johnson and Sizemore at 3B (both can spell Solarte at 2B when Solarte needs a day) and then send down Anna when Ryan is ready.

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