Yankees designate Eduardo Nunez for assignment

Eduardo Nunez, Curtis Granderson

This has been a pretty bad week for Eduardo Nunez.

Days after finding out he didn’t make the Yankees ball club, Mark Feinsand of the Daily News tweets the Yankees have designated Nunez for assignment to open up a roster spot for Yangervis Solarte (who by the way now wears #26, Nunez’s old number).

Nunez was once projected to be Derek Jeter‘s replacement once Jeter retired. With Jeter retiring at the end of the year, the Yankees currently don’t see Nunez as the shortstop they envisioned. His offense regressed in Spring Training and there has been close to no improvement with his defense. With Nunez now designated for assignment, he can either go through waivers or the Yankees could trade him.


General Manager Brian Cashman spoke to the media about the decision to DFA Nunez and here’s what he said on the situation:

“Tough call, but he’s the way I went. It’s just a tough call. We thought through a lot of other different permutations but I think it’s best for right now to give him a new fresh start and we’ll see where that takes him. We’re allotted 10 days to make an assignment of his contract, so stay tuned.”

He was also asked what the Yankees didn’t see from Eduardo Nunez this Spring and this was how he responded:

“In this most recent spring, he had a good spring but we had other guys that had better ones. He possesses a great deal of talent and you can dream on him – and we have – as a potential every day shortstop in the big leagues. All that talent is still there and I think his versatility does provide for a great deal of choices as a player on a Major League roster. We’ll see what develops in the next 10 days.

“Obviously when we had him coming up through the system, he was someone that projected to be utilized as an everyday player in the big leagues. At 27 years old, that doesn’t mean that can’t still happen. We had that hope that maybe he could develop into something like that as a choice, and at worst a player that the manager in the Major Leagues could utilize different ways. Right now, we’re going to go a different direction and we wish him the best as we look through the next 10 days of making some decisions. So we’ll see.”

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6 Responses to Yankees designate Eduardo Nunez for assignment

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Finally. This guy has had plenty of chances, it was just time to move on.

  2. yomomma says:

    yeah, but heaven forbid you move on and so does he but ends up finally developing elsewhere into everything they originally saw in him. But at present, potential, yes, but what did Yanks ever get from that?

  3. David K. says:

    Since when is a guy who made the major league roster the year before canned because of a so-so spring training? I know he threw the ball around again in spring but they never really gave him a half season at one position, which is the bare minimum for what it takes to see what a young player has. Anyway, my problem is with the way they handled Nunez from the beginning. If they were not really going to play him for a full season, why didn't they trade him, either over the winter or even last year? Where were all the teams that were asking for him? So now, because he threw the ball all over the place in spring, they just throw him away for nothing? Seriously, what the hell is Cashman doing…

    • There was never a huge demand for Nunez. He was never an especially good prospect. He hit .267/.313/.379 in 827 major league plate appearances in the majors and hit .272/.315/.365 in 8 seasons in the minors. What do you expect Cashman to have gotten for him? Maybe some hotel coupons.

      • David K. says:

        They could not have gotten a young middle reliever for him? .267 in the majors is not bad by today's standards. With the pendulum swinging towards better pitching, seems a lot of established guys in the majors hit .200 last year. Anyway, what with Jeter getting old and retiring, and no real long term answers at shortstop, this seems a very curious move.

        • Maybe if Nunez could play in the field, but he's a liability out there. And a .267 average really isn't impressive when your OBP is under .300. With Jeter getting old and retiring, the answer does not suddenly become a guy that can't get on base and can't play in the field.

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