Yankees finish bizarre road trip

Yangervis Solarte I’ve seen the Yankees play in many road trips and there were instances where bizarre things happened. However, this has to be the first road trip where something bizarre happened in every single game. There were blowouts, there were position players on the mound,  there was a triple play, there were ejections, there were suspensions, pitchers were dominant and hitters were stifled. Not to mention, it only took seven days for this season to raise some eyebrows. Let’s re-cap the road trip, shall we?

vs. Tampa Bay

CC Sabathia got the ball rolling for the Yankees on Thursday as the offense knocked around David Price, a pitcher who usually is quite dominant against the Bronx Bombers. Not to mention, the Yankees turned a triple play involving Yangervis Solarte, Brian Roberts and Scott Sizemore, making it the third triple play CC has been a part of.

The road trip went from good to bad on Friday, when the bullpen blew a four run lead and simply imploded. The one that stood out was Cesar Cabral who hit three batters and was later ejected for safety precautions. Cabral was literally designated for assignment minutes after the game.

On Saturday, the road trip went from bad to ugly with the Yankees losing by 15 runs. Best part of the game was when Dean Anna (yes, shortstop Dean Anna) took the mound. Bad part of the game was when Ivan Nova left his start due to soreness in his elbow. It was later revealed he partially tore his UCL and would need Tommy John Surgery.

On Sunday, the Yankees ended their trip on a high note as they went into their first extra-innings game of the season. Dean Anna drew the winning walk on a tough at-bat. Not bad for a shortstop/right handed pitcher.

vs. Red Sox

The Yankees had the day off on Monday but they were right back at it on Tuesday. The Yankees hit Jon Lester, Masahiro Tanaka pitched a brilliant game, David Robertson was activated from the disabled list and Jacoby Ellsbury made his return to Fenway as a member of the New York Yankees, reminding the Red Sox of what they were missing when they didn’t offer him a contract in the offseason.

Wednesday took away all the good feelings from Tuesday’s game when Michael Pineda was ejected from the game for placing pine tar on his neck. The Yankees later went to lose the game–and Pineda when he was suspended for 10 games, staring yesterday.

And speaking of yesterday, the Yankees took Wednesday and shoved it out the door, absolutely dominating the Red Sox with a 14-5 win. Also, we saw another position player pitch when the Red Sox sent out first basemen Mike Carp–who throws a pretty good knuckleball.

With an eventful road trip behind the Yankees, they come back to the Bronx to face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Will this home stand be just as bizarre as the road trip. I hope not. I’d like a normal home stand so my head doesn’t spin, thank you very much.

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2 Responses to Yankees finish bizarre road trip

  1. David K. says:

    So far so good this year. I thought coming into this year that we had a pretty good team and a chance to win 95 games and make the playoffs, maybe even win the WS. Not resigning Robinson Cano was the right move, as I believe he only has a couple of good years left. Anyway, Cashman does the only thing he does well, which is to spend lots of money once ownership gives him the wallet. They did bring in a very good mix of new blood, though. Maybe we finally have a team that can beat the Red Sox and compete with the Rays. The lineup is very versatile, not strike out prone or not homer happy. We're a lot better for it. Just getting rid of Curtis Granderson greatly improved the team, a move that I had been in favor of for a very long time.

  2. Michael R says:

    I absolutely love it when position players get a chance to pitch. Oddly, most of them do OK because they don't over throw. They're just trying not to embarrass themselves. I'm really surprised more mgrs. don't employ the tactic to save their bullpens.

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