Yankees look promising as they enter their first off day

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It’s hard to believe, but after the two embarrassing games in Houston, the Yankees are 7-4, entering their off day with a 7-6 record and in a three way tie for first place with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East. The Yankees have had their fair share of injuries, but they’ve shown they’re able to battle through them and come out on top in games.

Take yesterday’s 3-2 win over the Red Sox for example: The Yankees lost Francisco Cervelli to a hamstring injury, Brian Roberts and Derek Jeter were on the bench with minor injuries and Yangervis Solarte along with Brian McCann were in pain for a few moments during the contest themselves. In the end, the Yankees persevered and answered the lingering questions in the game: they placed Carlos Beltran at first, put Ichiro Suzuki in right and came out on top with the victory.

The Yankees in their past 13 games have had some glimmering moments where they could possibly be one of the best teams in the AL East, and yet they’ve had their moments where they’ve looked like an average team. The pitching staff has been terrific and the new signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann have really helped the ball club. Unfortunately, their weakness is the infield. With Mark Teixeira on the DL and with the recent injuries of Jeter and Roberts, there’s a gigantic question mark in the middle of the diamond.

Still, 13 games is a small sample size, and it’s not enough to show where the Yankees can end up at the end of the season (which by the way, ends in September, not next week). Are there still question marks and doubts? Of course there are, but the Yankees are taking it slow, and they’re not afraid of getting on the field and answering questions in the moment.

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6 Responses to Yankees look promising as they enter their first off day

  1. The pitching has been a strong point. Good to see Nova pitch well. The bullpen has been great even without DROB (though Phelps did his best to give me ulcers last night).

    They need to get the infield somehow patched together. I don't think they are giving us the whole story about Jeter. He could'nt come in for 3 innings last night because he needed another day's rest? That is absurd to me. I mean if that was not an emergency last night, I'd hate to see what an emergency actually is.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    When will joe give Dellin Betances some big opportunities ? When Thornton struck out big popi on sat. Why not bring him in then? Then with the bases loaded, thanks to Thornton , they employ that god awe full shift and MikeCarp grounds a ball right through the SS hole for two runs. Carp is not going to the hall of fame so why shift like he is.

  3. bobby says:

    went to first yankee game 1964 so i have been around awhile wondering how brian cashman still has a job his ego let the best player the yankees have had since the mick leave replaces him with brian roberts really ??? tex plays 15 games last year and there is no back up 1 st baseman on team or in minors really jeter played 10 games last year and there is no backup in majors or minors really ???? everybody in the world knew arod was getting suspended but there is no 3rd baseman to replace him just to vent a little more cano will be a hof he will have the most hits hrs rbi of any 2nd baseman to ever play plus multiple gold gloves plays 160 games every year cashman felt good brian roberts as 2nd base

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      bobby – we're all sad to see Robby go, but did you really expect ANY manager to give ANOTHER ten + year contract to a guy in his thirties, while ARod was still on the roster?

      seriously – Brian Cashman should have lost his job had he signed Robby under those conditions.

      and, Robby was the best player since the Mick? not a Jeter fan?

  4. Don Kellin says:

    I believe they offered big money but a lesser amount of zeal and intent in discussions and negotiations with Cano's new guru. Thus they did what they had to do to placate the fans while ending up with the result they wanted from the outset. I also believe that our manager who treats all his guys the same and hustled his ass off as a player, was happy to see Cano go.
    All of the passion that added up to the last series win was missing the last few years. I have no doubt a sizeable percentage of the Yankee brass concluded they couldn't build a passionate team that included Knoblach/ Brocious types around their best player who refused to hustle. No team has ever won anything without overachievers added to naturally gifted players like Cano. I've been a Yankee fan since my first time at the stadium 67 years ago. None of the winning teams I've observed won it with the lack of energy and drive the Yankees displayed the last few years. To Girardi's credit, he did a masterfull job of juggling last year. He's doing that now—-but look at the difference in attitudes and output. I'm a pragmatic optimist who sincerely believes that the Yankees might have something special going for them. I also think they are wizards at discovering players who've been around without being taken seriously, but are ready to produce. The preceding plus an improved farm system and an intense pursuit of foreign players bodes well for the next few years or more. I'm a happy dude.


  5. Don Kellin says:



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