Yankees make more roster moves

David Robertson 6

Today’s roster moves aren’t as drastic as yesterday, but they were made. Here are a few of the moves the Yankees made on this off-day:

— The Yankees optioned RHP Bryan Mitchell to Double-A Trenton Thunder. I imagine this move is being done today since Yankees closer David Robertson is slated to come off the disabled list tomorrow.

— Good news, Matt Daley cleared waivers! He was optioned to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre since he took an assignment with the minor league team. He was DFA’d due to some wacky clause in his contract–not because the Yankees didn’t want him.

Finally, Ivan Nova had an appointment scheduled with the Yankees team physician seeking a second opinion on his elbow and to do further diagnostic testing. I’ll post the results when it becomes available but that could be either today or tomorrow. Regardless, stay tuned.

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8 Responses to Yankees make more roster moves

  1. Well, the Yanks could be in the market for a starting pitcher so, as usual, the name that surfaces is Cliff Lee.

    Yes, the man with a $25Million contract who's wife was spit on by Yankee fans in the 2009 World Series, the man who turned down the Yankees free agent offer and accepted less money to sign in Philadelphia, the man who loathes the limelight That Cliff Lee.

    He has a partial no-trade clause and the last place he is going to go is to the Yanks. He did not appreciate his wife being used as a spittoon. Spitting on anyone is intolerable but to magnify the incident we are dealing with a strong family man. He has a son who had cancer which is thankfully in remission. Cliff Lee will almost certainly retire a Philadelphia Philly, bring his family to his native Arkansas, and enjoy the relative solitude and his millions.

    Personally, I think the Yankees can deal with Ivan Nova's without going outside the organization. But if they feel they need to add a starter, it won't be Cliff Lee.

    • He denied that the spitting incident really happened. He also took a decent amount more money per year on a slightly shorter contract to play for the Phillies. As long as he stays healthy, and so far he has been, he is in line to make significantly more money overall because he took the Phillies deal. Cliff Lee has also seemed to have thrived in big spots. He's one of those guys with ice running through his veins.

  2. Vin Giordano says:

    i really want to see this Campos pitch…the other half of the Pineda deal…i guess they arent convinced that he is ready to be dominant in the bigs…but with Nova out, lets give him a few weeks

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Jose Campos hasn't pitched yet this year and won't be big-league ready for a few years. He hasn't pitched above Low A. Give him time. He's only 21.

    • Mike is right, at this point Campos isn't anywhere close to the majors. He's never even pitched 100 innings in the minors. I'm thinking he's more of a 2016 kinda guy (possibly even 2017).

  3. chris hauck says:

    so glad that David Robertson is coming back so sorry to hear about Ivan Nova hope that he is ok still think that the Yankees need another starting pitcher

  4. hotdog says:

    you got a guy named Vidal Nuno who has done everything…he took off in the minor leagues and pitched very well for the Yankees…he's my sleeper…i just hope the Yankees give him a chance before they go out into the open market and buy another Sidney Ponson type pitcher…

  5. chris hauck says:

    so glad that David Robertson is back the Yankees really need him to be the strike out pitcher that they need the bullpen did a great job in his absence cmon David do what we need you to do strike them out

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