Yankees option Austin Romine 7

Austin Romine

Well, Austin Romine‘s stay with the Yankees didn’t last very long.

According to Trenton Thunder beat writer Dan Pfeiffer, Romine had been optioned to Triple AAA Scranton after yesterday’s game. The corresponding move isn’t known as of yet but’s possible the Yankees could bring up either Shane Greene or Preston Claiborne to fill the vacant spot.

My guess is the spot will go to Shane Greene since Claiborne pitched yesterday. Greene also had a good Spring for the Yankees before being sent to minor league camp.

I’m also guessing the move of Austin Romine means we won’t see Francisco Cervelli at first base again any time soon, although Cervelli was solid yesterday.


— The Yankees have officially announced they’ve called up Shane Greene to replace Romine on the roster.

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  • Don Bonomi

    Well Yankee fans, myself included, we all know that the Yankee minor league is weak and is not going to produce any major stars in the near future. If many of you get the MLB package and have seen the rosters of all the other teams in both leagues, you will be amazed to see how much better the starting pitching and the relief pitching is on these teams. They are also stocked with with dynamic arms in both leagues in both the starting and relief roles. The Yankees on the other hand have very questionable starters with a lot of mileage on their arms. I would include: Sabathia, Kuroda and Nova on this list. I don't see any of them having a winning record this year. Tanaka could be the prize of the pitching staff this year and probably is the best starter they have on the staff at this moment. Pineda is coming off serious shoulder surgery and his future is still questionable at best. Betances, Cabral, Greene and Nuno are really minor league pitchers forced to compete at the major league level because of the lack of good Yankee pitching depth. Phelps and Warren are marginal major league pitchers and not the type to carry a team thru long intervals. Now that Robertson is hurt, Kelley might be able to help short term, but check out the ERA's of all these pitchers for last year, how many can you find with ERA's of: 2.50 or under?

    I still think that Stephen Drew would be a better back up at short that any of the other Yankees on their roster for 2014. Please don't tell me that Brian Roberts is going to replace Robinson Cano at second base. He doesn't come close to Cano's skills. I ask you Yankee fans: Do you think that the Steinbrenners and Cashman have put together a quality pennant winning team for 2014. My answer is: No way Jose! Please stop lying to your faithful and loyal Yankee fans. We deserve better treatment than this.

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