Yankees prepare for return of Robinson Cano and Mariners

Robinson Cano 21

The last time Robinson Cano was playing baseball in the Bronx, it was the last week of the 2013 season with the New York Yankees where they missed the playoffs for just the second time in the last 19 seasons. A lot has happened since then; during the offseason Cano wanted a 10 year contract from the Yankees, the Yankees wouldn’t give it to him and he ultimately signed with the Seattle Mariners who did give him the 10 years he was looking for (plus $240 Million).

Now, Robinson Cano returns to the Bronx as a member of the Seattle Mariners as they prepare for a showdown against the first place Yankees, who are coming off a series win against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The main question pertaining to Cano is how he’ll be received by Yankees fans when he returns to the Bronx as a member of another team. Will he be cheered for his past accomplishments with the Yankees or will he be booed for being considered a “traitor” and joining forces with another team? All those answers will be answered on Tuesday, but this promises to be one interesting series–weather permitting of course. The forecast calls for rain all three days according to my weather app.

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15 Responses to Yankees prepare for return of Robinson Cano and Mariners

  1. Celerino Sanchez says:

    Jimmy Fallon will interview Robby today on the Tonight Show.

  2. george says:

    How can I as a Yankee fan boo Cano for going to another team for more money? When the Yankees them selves have done this many times.

    • John says:

      Boo him for sluffing off when he was with us…..boo him for having zero loyalty…..boo him for having a beard

    • Sayann says:

      Well, the things is in my opinion, that when you finally reach "Yankee level" in MLB, and then you could even become one of the legend of the sport by just STAYING a Yankee (and producing of course)..

      Leaving does only show your lust for cash and disregard for the history of the game and any personal goal exept making money.

      i can understand people who Boo him for that.. now of course we should not forget what he did bring to the table as a Yankee, he diserves respect for his attitude, because money lover or not he did help the yankees a lot.

  3. tomy cassella says:

    i loved cano when he was with the yanks. however, he really showed what greed could do to a man. i mean, how much money can a baseball player spend?

  4. yes and jay Z really influenced his decision they should take away Jay Zs NY hat and never let him wear is and ban him from yankee stadium he is the REAL traitor!

  5. If Jay Z was a TRUE Yankees fan, he NEVER would've let Cano go anywhere but to the Yankees ! BUT GREED and lack of loyalty got in the way. I dont miss Cano. But he was good.

  6. podjoe says:

    Robby Who????

  7. perspective says:

    i agree, let us boo the disloyal and greedy robinson cano! and let us also sing the praises of the loyal and selfless jacoby ellsbury who went to his old teams arch rival for way more money. and to carlos beltran for having the dignity to leave kansas city all those years ago.

    and please, during cano's first at-bat back in yankee stadium cheer on CC sabathia for his righteous commitment to abandon small market midwestern teams like cleveland and milwaukee to join the noble yankee cause (which he didnt do for the money, of course)

    also, while it was a pain to watch the slow jog to first, at least the guy went every single day, hit the cover off the ball and played solid defense.

    • Sayann says:

      lol, okok you have a point, but the answer is simple : when you play for the BEST, there's no good reason to leave, only bad reasons like greed, and its a shame 🙂

  8. Christopher Collins says:

    I hope the yankees still win, even though Cano is on the Mariners.

  9. thesmartnegotiator says:

    I love Robbie Cano no doubt he is one of the best players in baseball. I can't boo the guy. However, I am miffed that he went to Seattle. The Yankees offered more money per year for 7 years. They did not low ball him. Those three years are free money I guess because he will not play at the level he is being paid. It happens to all of them. I guess the chance to will more championships and earn $24M/year for the next 7 years was not good enough but it was an honest effort to keep him. Life goes on in the Bronx.

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