Aceves excited for (second) chance with Yankees

Alfredo Aceves 2

There were certain Yankees that were on the 2010 team when Alfredo Aceves was on the roster. As a matter of fact, Brett Gardner (2008-present) and Derek Jeter (1995-present), two guys who have been with the Yankees long enough to remember old faces, were thrilled to see Aceves. Aceves is also excited for his second go-round with the Yankees, especially after he signed a contract in Spring Training with hopes of making the big league roster.

As of May 3, 2014 at 10:22 a.m., Aceves signed a contract and made the big league roster.

“I was a Yankee (in the past),” Aceves said. “And when I heard that they wanted to sign me again, I was pretty excited and happy.”

The Yankees are currently trying to piece together their bullpen, a bullpen that threw 182 pitches in last night’s game. The latest long man, Chris Leroux was tagged for five runs and ended up with an ERA over 20 when the night was over. Girardi hopes Aceves could be the answer to the Yankees bullpen problems.

“I want him to be a guy that we can use in a lot of different areas,” Girardi said. “Obviously today he’s our long man, just in case we need something. But (he is) a guy we could use for two innings, three innings, an inning; use in a lot of different ways. That’s the guy that we had before, and that’s what we want.”

Some Notes

— Derek Jeter already played today (at midnight), but Girardi said if the Yankees game didn’t go so long, Jeter would have played. Instead, fans are getting their first look at Yangervis Solarte at shortstop, a position he hasn’t played with the Yankees yet this season.

“Once we got into that really long game and the quick turn around, I changed my mind,” Girardi said on Jeter’s situation.

Joe Girardi said he’ll let Masahiro Tanaka throw up to 110 pitches but he’s not letting him throw 130, which is something Tanaka is accustomed to. This would be a good bounce back start for Tanaka, who struggled with command in his last outing but lived to tell the tale about it. This is also the first time he’s facing the Tampa Bay Rays.

Quick scouting report on Evan LongoriaDoesn’t matter what you throw to him, he will hit it.The best thing to do is walk him in order to avoid him getting a ‘big hit’. 

Shawn Kelley and Adam Warren are not available. In other news, David Robertson is…and I’m sure he’s looking for a bounce back outing after giving up his first run of 2014 in the ninth inning yesterday.

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