Bats come alive behind Tanaka as Yanks beat Rays 9-3

Masahiro Tanaka 21

While Masahiro Tanaka handed in another good start for the Bronx Bombers, the bats needed to come alive, especially after last night’s brutal 10-5 loss in 14 innings. With home runs powered by Mark Teixeira and Kelly Johnson, the Yankees were able to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 9-3 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Masahiro Tanaka went seven innings, giving up three runs on eight hits with five strikeouts, becoming tougher on the Rays hitters as the game went along. Dellin Betances pitched a scoreless eighth and Preston Claiborne pitches a scoreless ninth.

With the Yankees down 3-0 in the fourth inning, Teixeira hit a home run against Jake Odorizzi, bringing the Yankees within one run. In the fifth, Jacoby Ellsbury had an RBI double, scoring Ichiro and tying the game at three. The Yankees took the lead in the sixth on a Kelly Johnson home run and they never looked back. They scored two runs in the seventh powered by an RBI single by Teixeira and a SAC Fly by Alfonso Soriano and three in the ninth on an RBI double for Ichiro Suzuki and a two-run single for Brett Gardner.

What’s Next?

— The Yankees will attempt to win the series as CC Sabathia takes the mound for the Yankees. Erik Bedard will take the mound for the Rays, trying to lead the Rays to the series win. First pitch is at 1:05 p.m. and the game will air on the YES Network.

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2 Responses to Bats come alive behind Tanaka as Yanks beat Rays 9-3

  1. john murphy says:

    First month thoughts.

    It's time for Girardi to play the best team, no matter whom he bothers.

    Let's make Soriano a full time DH and Pinch hitter. His play (?) in the outfield leaves much to be desired and seems to be costing us with his misplays. Him being the DH , or someone to call on to pinch hit is much more desirable. The outfield should be Ellsbury, Gardner, Beltran, Suzuki , and then Soriano.

    By the way, I think it's time for the Captain to tell Sori to get his butt moving after hitting the ball. There have been a few occasions where we lost a base due to his showboating (or just plain lack of hustle). And the way the offense has been playing, we could use all the hustle possible.

    Think it's also time , and there have been a sprinkling of this occurring. for Kevin. Long (and Girardi} to have our pull hitters practice being able to hit a 2 strike pitch the opposite way, especially with these shifts being deployed against us.

    Speaking of the shifts, I think we should go back to playing normal defense, as it appears we are giving up way too many hits to the vacated locations.

    Ellsbury and Gardner should always be the 1-2 in the batting order. The havoc they create on the bases usually assures that the following batters will get good pitches in the zone, and with Beltran, Tex, McCann, Sori, Suzuki, etc. following, this usually will mean a higher run production. If we sit Gardner or Ellsbury, Suzuki should replace them at top of order.

    For the most part the new additions to the team have been pretty exciting – Ellsbury is fantastic (THANKS Boston), Tanaka unbelievable, Beltran is like an old Paul O'Neil with the clutch hitting, McCann great, and where did this YANKGervis come from?

    Bullpen and the starters have been pretty good, and with a few more runs I think we'd be a couple of games in front of the other teams , and on our way.

    Lastly, I would love for Brett to spend a couple of days with Paul O. and try to practice throwing the baseball. There has to be some way to correct his mechanics and throw the ball in better then he's been doing.

    Go Yanks


  2. Robert Rufa says:

    NY's W-L percentage when Ichiro is in the starting lineup (rather than just pinch-hitting or pinch-running) is higher than the overall pct. thus far—.616, based on 8 wins, 5 losses—so of course it makes sense to keep him on the bench. (I did go cross-eyed looking at the stats, but I think I counted right.) I'm waiting for Girardi to manage as if he wants to win.

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