Brian McCann to start at first base for first time in career

Brian McCann 5

Brian McCann has been a late inning defensive replacement for the Yankees at first base this season, playing only four innings. However, for the first time in his career, McCann will start a game at first base. He was fielding ground balls during batting practice and McCann says he’s comfortable with the move although he knows it’s possibly a one time thing.

“I feel comfortable going out there for a game and doing the job that needs to be done,” McCann said. “Not a whole lot (of work at the position), but I’ll go out there, let my instincts take over and hopefully do a good job.”

Joe Girardi said in Spring Training that he wouldn’t use Brian McCann at first base during the season, but it seemed as if his plans had changed.

“I was a little hesitant to do it,” Girardi said. “I saw him over there those couple of times (in the late innings) and I’m a little more open to it. Just because of some of the injuries (it makes more sense). You know, there are a lot of things you don’t plan on doing during the course of the season that kind of go awry when some things happen. I never planned on playing Vernon Wells at third base last year. Never in my wildest dreams, but it happened. That’s where you have to be sometimes a little creative.”

McCann knows playing first base will be a challenge, and he only will have one thing in mind when he gets on the field this evening against the Cardinals.

“Just catch the ball,” McCann said. “Catch the ground balls, make the routine plays, and just do my job. … I’ll be looking in the dugout quite a bit trying to know where to play, and I’ll be talking to B-Rob for advice, telling me where to go.”

Some Notes

— Nothing much has changed with Mark Teixeira‘s wrist. He does say it’s getting better and he hopes he can play possibly Friday. He’s going to the doctor in New York tomorrow just to be sure but he still believes it’s inflammation.

Carlos Beltran will continue swinging a bat tomorrow after having a day-off today. It seems Beltran is making some progress.

Shawn Kelley played catch today and he’s scheduled to throw a bullpen tomorrow.

Derek Jeter usually puts up a fight when it comes to going in the lineup. According to Girardi, he didn’t tonight.

“I think he understood what I was trying to do here,” Girardi said. “We’re in another long streak here, a really long streak.”

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