Brian Roberts turns around his slow start

Brian Roberts 4

Before his back injury sidelined him for a few days, Brian Roberts was hitting .129 with the Yankees. Since then, he’s hitting .311 with a home run, three doubles, two stolen bases and a triple. It’s safe to say, Roberts has found his groove while admitting he tried a little too hard in the beginning of the season to fill Robinson Cano‘s shoes.

“I think (the slow start) was more self-inflicted than anything,” Roberts said. “I’ve always said, it’s got to be hard for guys to switch teams all the time because I was always so comfortable (in Baltimore). It was kind of like riding a bike every year. You knew everybody’s face, you knew everybody’s name walking into the locker room, people who worked there. And when you’re doing something new for the first time, it’s different. And certainly when you’re going to New York, and filling in for someone who played as well as Robbie did, stuff like that, certainly it’s human nature to try a little too hard at times. But I’d rather try too hard than not try enough.”

It’s hard to say whether Roberts will continue his good streak or go back to the player he was in the beginning of April, but Joe Girardi said he’s going to stick with him, although he says he probably played Roberts too much in the beginning the season, leading to his early ineffectiveness. Roberts just believes it’s nice to come to the park and see his name in the lineup, rather than the disabled list.

“Besides having the occasional day off just for a little bit of rest, it’s been nice to come to the park and almost know that your name is going to be in the lineup,” Roberts said. “That’s something I haven’t had in a while and something I was hoping to be able to do this year. I’m still taking it one day at a time, but so far it’s been a blessing for sure.”


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