Carlos Beltran plans to play through injury

Carlos Beltran 8

Carlos Beltran went to visit Dr. Andrews for a second opinion on his elbow, and after hearing the results he plans on holding off on surgery for as long as he can.

According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, Andrews confirmed Beltran has a bone spur in his elbow. A source told Feinsand that Beltran plans on playing once he comes off the disabled list, but if the pain is too great, he’ll have surgery on his elbow, which could set him back for approximately two months.

The Yankees have had their share of the injury bug, with 60% of the rotation missing, an important piece to the bullpen on the DL and the position players all banged up. I imagine Joe Girardi will have something to say about this during his press conference, so if he does, I’ll write it in the pregame notes.

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5 Responses to Carlos Beltran plans to play through injury

  1. Oh great. Beltran hit .116/.220/.140 in his last 12 games before finally admitting to the injury so I'm sure he'll help the Yankees big time while playing through this injury.

  2. tom says:

    Let's hope that the steroid controlled injection works. If Beltran feels pain while swinging bats then he will have a surgery. Beltran had struggled last two weeks because he played baseball during feeling pain. Without feeling pain, he could perform well.

    If cortisone injection works then let's hope it will last until August or September before receiving second cortisone injection for playoff contest. Otherwise, Almonte is here to help out.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I personally am not too optimistic about Beltran returning without surgery because I remember a few nights ago, Paul O'Neil and Michael Kay were covering the Yankees game, and O'Neil said that when you have a cortisone shot, you're supposed to feel immediate relief. The fact Beltran needed a second cortisone shot was alarming.

  3. Michael R says:

    Every time management says someone is going to rehab or take treatment to avoid surgery, they end up having surgery. I hope Beltran's case responds to steroids but at his age with all of the wear and tear on his body I highly
    doubt it. Just have the surgery and begin the true healing process.

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