Cashman: CC Sabathia out until July

CC Sabathia 6

Joe Girardi informed the media yesterday CC Sabathia wasn’t going to come off the disabled list when his 15 days were up. Brian Cashman clarified today that Sabathia was going to be out much longer than the initial 15 days.

Sabathia had a stem cell injection on Thursday, and the Yankees aren’t expecting Sabathia back for the next six weeks, which places him somewhere in July. Sabathia’s currently on crutches but those will be gone within the next day or two. Although Sabathia and Cashman know he’s returning in July, there’s no set timetable as of yet.

“They don’t have any real certain time,” Cashman said. “It’s somewhat of a new protocol, so they don’t have any predictability yet in terms of consistent, it kicks in after X-amount of time. They have conveyed that the longer you can give it, the more effective the procedure.”

Cashman admits that he has been looking within the trade market for a starter, but with most teams believing they’re in contention for a playoff spot on May, trades are hard to come by.

“If you could force something externally, we would have done that already,” Cashman said. We’re going to have to wait and play it out.Whether you’re worried about things or not, it’s not going to change what it is.”

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