CC returns to Milwaukee with hopes of bouncing back

CC Sabathia 4

CC Sabathia‘s last start at Yankee Stadium was by far his worst start since 2009, with him going 3.2 innings and taking the loss. However, Sabathia returns to Miller Park, where he spent part of the 2008 season with the Brewers, placing them in the playoffs for the first time since 1982. Tonight, he’s hoping the Miller Park magic returns and helps him give the Yankees a victory.

“I felt like every time I went out when I was here, I was going to win the game,” Sabathia said of his 2008 dominance down the stretch. “And as a pitcher, you kind of have some doubts a little bit about what’s going to happen in a game, and I (didn’t have) any when I was here. So that’s why it was easy for me to take the ball on three day’s rest and go out and pitch.”

Sabathia knows he had a bad outing last time, and he knows that there were some games he should have won, but he’s not quite sure why there’s so much worry from the media and the fans.

“Everybody’s making a big deal out of my last game,” Sabathia said. “I mean it was bad obviously, you know, coming off the heels of two games I probably should have won makes it look even worse. I’m not as panicked, I guess, as everyone else is.”

The panic is CC was good for the first four years of his contract, but he had a poor 2013 and is off to a rough start in 2014. Still, he says he feels good and he hopes to get back on track tonight.

“My bullpen was good,” Sabathia said. “I’ve been watching some film with Larry and Mac and I think we’re on the right track, you know? Like I said, I feel good, I feel healthy, and it’s just time for me to go out and make pitches.”

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