City of New York renames River Avenue to Rivera Avenue

Mariano Rivera 12 After fans unofficially renamed 161st Street and River Avenue after Mariano Rivera following his final appearance at Yankee Stadium, the city of New York and the New York Yankees decided to make things more–official.

This morning, New York City officially renamed 161st Street and River Avenue to Mariano Rivera Avenue, and Rivera was at the unveiling.

“This business is River Avenue, [it’s] Rivera Avenue now,” Rivera joked as he gave a short speech to the fans and media that were there. “But again, thank you. Thank you very much.”

With Rivera getting his own street name, I now wonder–what will the New York City and the Yankees name after Derek Jeter when he retires? The Great Hall in Yankee Stadium perhaps? A highway? Oh well, that’s a question for another time. In the meantime, let’s enjoy Rivera Avenue, named after a man who truly deserves it.

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