Dellin Betances becomes go-to guy in bullpen 10

Dellin Betances

Before the season began, Dellin Betances was just fighting for a role on the roster. He knew he wasn’t going to be a starter, but he had a chance to grab a spot in the prestigious Yankees bullpen. Once Betances had a role in the pen, he never let go, proving that he is the Yankees “go-to guy” when things look unsettling in certain situations. If anything, Betances proved last night just how important he is to the Yankees, getting Eric Young Jr. to ground out to end the fifth and then retiring six batters on strikeouts. There’s no doubt manager Joe Girardi is very impressed with what he’s seen so far.

“He was really impressive,” Girardi said. “What did he strikeout six out of seven guys? He’s continued to grow in front of us, and today he did it without throwing a lot of pitches – just a ton of strikes. I think his confidence is just going higher and higher every time he takes the mound.”

Fans have wondered with Betances’s electric stuff why he isn’t the set-up man, or why he isn’t the Yankees closer–or even why he’s not in the rotation. The rotation and Dellin Betances’s names should never be in the same sentence; he’s found his niche in the bullpen. Also, Betances can’t be the closer because David Robertson (who is 7-for-7 in save opportunities) is the pitcher replacing Mariano Rivera. The Yankees don’t want to put labels on Dellin Betances, but there’s no doubt his stuff has opened eyes.

“I don’t want to get too far ahead of where we project that he’ll be, but I will say this: He’s got a gift,” he said. “He’s got a very good fastball and a very good curveball, and he’s not a comfortable at-bat. Where he ends up, none of us know, but he’s got good stuff.”

So, what does Terry Collins, manager of the New York Mets, think about Dellin Betances after witnessing just how powerful he is first hand?

“I’m glad we don’t have to see him for awhile.”

10 thoughts on “Dellin Betances becomes go-to guy in bullpen

  • Rob Abruzzese

    His curveball is so sick that it has full blown AIDS. Possibly better than D-Rob's. If only he can control it and his mechanics to truly become an exceptional pitcher.

  • Michael R

    I'm just happy he's from the "farm". Maybe more of the "farm boys" could produce if given the opportunity. I think the Yanks are beginning to realize they need to give these kids a chance before they go outside of the organization. Just knowing that your organization rewards improvement will motivate these kids, and some of them will fill the bill.

  • tomy cassella

    where did the yanks get this pitcher named Daly from. whenever he pitches , he's lights out.

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