Derek Jeter charged by fan, but keeps his cool

Derek Jeter 21

Derek Jeter was fully aware he was going to get the ‘farewell’ treatment once he announced his retirement before the season began–but a fan took it to the next level and tried to get up close and personal during yesterday’s game.

While Masahiro Tanaka was on the mound and Jeter was at shortstop in the sixth inning, a Milwaukee Brewer fan wearing a Ryan Braun t-shirt jumped out of the left field seats and started making his way past the third base line, weaving past Yangervis Solarte and making a beeline towards Jeter. There was no malice–but the fan just wanted a hug, something Jeter wasn’t going to give him during an important game.

“He was saying he wanted a hug,” Jeter said. “I was thinking I wasn’t going to hug him.”

Usually situations like those are scary, but Jeter was able to stay calm because the fan didn’t appear as if he was going to hurt him.

“If you saw his face, it wasn’t like he was coming out there angry,” Jeter said. “So no, it wasn’t scary. … I told him, I said, ‘You’re going to get in trouble.’ And then he repeated that he wanted a hug, and I said, ‘Look out.’”

The security guards tackled him, took the fan into custody and the Yankees were able to finish the game, securing a 5-3 victory over the Brewers–but you have to admit, it had to have been one of the oddest situations Jeter has been put into in his 20-year career with the team. Well, at least fans now know this important lesson from last night; if you jump out onto the field during the game and ask Jeter for a hug, there’s a chance the security guards will tackle you and you’ll be banned from the stadium for life.

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