Derek Jeter gives curtain call in game he didn’t start

Derek Jeter 24

Derek Jeter didn’t play in yesterday’s series finale between the Yankees and the Cardinals and it was safe to say the Cardinals fans were slightly disappointed they didn’t get a chance to see the Yankees captain in action one last time. However, Jeter made sure the fans didn’t go home empty handed.

In between the sixth inning, Jeter looked at the scoreboard and saw a tribute video to him, which included interviews from the Cardinals players on how much Jeter meant to the game of baseball. The scoreboard later put Jeter on the big screen and Jeter waved to the crowd, but when the cheers got louder, Jeter figured why not give them a little more? Jeter got out of the dugout, took off his cap and waved it to the crowd, earning a rousing standing ovation. So what prompted Jeter to give the fans an ovation?

“The fans all three games — well, the two that I played — every time I came up, they were pretty much standing,” Jeter said. “We were winning, so I thought it was appropriate.”

That’s quite the treat for the Cardinals fans to see Jeter before he left Busch Stadium for the final time of his career–barring the Cardinals and Yankees meet in the 2014 World Series, of course. But taking a curtain call in a game Jeter didn’t play is rare for him since he actually can’t remember the last time he did something like that. Still, the Cardinals fans were so good to him, he figured he would give them something to remember him by. That closes the chapter of Jeter’s visit to Busch Stadium, but now fans have to wonder what he’s going to do the next time he goes to a ballpark for a final time in a game he’s not playing? Does he give another curtain call? We’ll see.

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