Girardi discusses toying with the lineup

Kelly Johnson 2

The Yankees offense has been a complete roller coaster ride this season, with one day the team scoring 6-7 runs to another day with team scoring one (or no) runs. Give and take a few lineup changes, Joe Girardi sends out the same lineup on a daily basis. However, he admits he’s not afraid of shaking things up.

“Sometimes you have to do some things (to shake up the lineup) just because of the way your players are, the way the schedule is,” Girardi said. “You try to run a set lineup out there every day, and we’ve had our five or six guys we run out there every day, six or seven. And you have the injury to Carlos which kind of changed things a little bit, so we’ve had to adapt a little bit there. We had the injury to Tex, which changed things a bit and we had to adapt there. You’d like to run out about seven or eight of the same guys every day.”

Two of the Yankees bench players have power; Kelly Johnson and Zoilo Almonte. However, you don’t see them playing much (except for when Johnson plays first base, but his defense has been questionable of late). Nevertheless, Joe Girardi feels it’s more necessary to use Johnson here since Yankee Stadium is a small ballpark and he has the pop in his bat to change the game.

“You think about using Kelly maybe more here than sometimes on the road,” Girardi said. “Because the ballpark plays to him, and that’s one of the reasons he’s in there today. His at-bats have kind of gotten going a bit, and I want to keep him going. We’re in a really long stretch here, 17 days in a row, and a bunch of day games in a row here, and (we will) try to take advantage of it.”

Some Notes

Shawn Kelley says his back feels fine after throwing a bullpen today. He’s going to throw another bullpen tomorrow, and if Kelley can throw tomorrow and not feel anything then he could get in a rehab game as soon as next week.

Carlos Beltran took batting practice today and is scheduled to take batting practice tomorrow. So far, so good.

— Girardi said he didn’t ask Mark Teixeira how his wrist was but he says he trusts Teixeira to tell him when his wrist flares up.

“He came to us on Monday (to say his wrist was hurting),” Girardi said. “So I trust that if he feels he’s not a player, he’ll come to me.”

— Last but not least, Happy Tanaka Day. I know it’s a lot of fanfare for a pitcher who only goes once every five days, but how can you not get excited? He’s Masahiro Tanaka for goodness sake!

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  1. Gerry says:

    The Yankees should go after the Cubs pitcher whom the Orioles are interested in.

  2. John says:

    Toying with the lineup? You mean he hasn't? The worst pitching era in baseball and Ichiro is on the bench and Alphonso,oops I dropped the ball and am 0 for 3, is in.

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