Girardi frustrated after last night’s game

Joe Girardi 11

Last night’s Yankees game irritated many Yankees fans (myself included), but no one was more irate than Joe Girardi. How do I know Girardi was the angriest of them all? He was ejected for arguing a pitch at Brett Gardner‘s ankles (rightfully so) and gave Laz Diaz his money’s worth (again, rightfully so). His anger melted into frustration during his post game interview, and he wasn’t afraid to say Laz Diaz was inconsistent.

“I mentioned to Laz in a respectful way that I thought the pitch was up to Kelly Johnson earlier in the game and he gave me the Mutombo *wags his finger while saying Mutombo*,” Girardi said. “I don’t appreciate that. I’m not a little kid. I don’t need to be scolded. Obviously we’re trying to work together and I just thought there were a lot of inconsistencies tonight.”

Girardi may have been long gone from the game, but he said he saw Shawn Kelley‘s ejection, and he didn’t like that either.

“And (Diaz) gave this (a wave of the hand toward Kelley),” Girardi said. “No one is coming to see Laz, I can tell you that.”

Did Girardi feel Diaz was instigating a confrontation with Shawn Kelley and did he feel Diaz was taking out his frustration from Girardi’s argument on Kelley? “Yes.”

Well Yankees fans, good news is Diaz can’t be the home plate umpire tonight–but I think we all have to agree, last night was a frustrating night all around, and all we can hope is the Yankees can turn the page and win.

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